What is the Dharmacy

In Hinduismdharma signifies behaviors that are considered to be in accord with  ‘‘right way of living’’
In Buddhism dharma means “cosmic law and order”
Vedic Sanskrit, with a literal meaning of “bearer, supporter”

This is a one stop place where you can receive service that will genuinely support you holistically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

We have been in a holistic practice of living for over 15 years now.  We will not claim to know what is right for you but are open to share foods, drinks, tinctures, infusions, fermented foods & drinks, therapeutic grade essential oils, spiritual practice, positive thought & affirmations, emotional clearing, radical authentic processing work, holistic health coaching, medicinal chocolate, shamanic practices, loving thyself practice, cleansing routines and so much more.

We specialize in working with you as a whole system where we take everything into account not just the symptom.  The symptom is a starting place where we focus in on the body, mind, spirit and the heart mind.  Knowing that every symptom is not random but a beginning of a story of your life and an opportunity to create the life that will bring you so much abundance, joy and a quality of life worth living!  We see the symptom, dis-ease, illness or ailment as a gift that is finally giving you the message you have been ignoring all this time.

The Dharmacy is a place in which supports you in as far as you are willing to take your life to.  We can only support you as far as you are willing to go with your health: emotionally, physically and spiritually.  KNOW THIS we will not work with you if you are not willing to be open to it all.  If you just want to treat your symptom we are not the service for you, this is a complete lifestyle change on all levels and if you are not willing to go all the way we would not be doing you the service nor would we be honouring our level of service that we are committed to provide for each individual.

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