Beautiful Crazy

You have to love my crazy

The place where my mind is gone, my body is a wrecking ball crashing into unstructured boundaries

Limitless places and countless spaces.

I thought I was good, had it handled.

And then I arrive

in my crazy.

Spacey, topsy, twirly, spinning, moving, stillness.

I don’t know.

I do know

I want to, I don’t want to!

I like you,

I don’t like you.

I feel like doing this, now I don’t.

I explode with emotion, sobbing, gasping, screaming.

An extrovert

Now completely and utterly introverted.

Do not enter

Come on in.

I wanna fuck

Now I am shy.

Touch me,

Get your hands off me!

I watch my crazy,

My beautiful crazy.

I wrap myself around myself.

I tighten my grip

I hold

I breathe in

I breathe it out!

I make it to my room

Crazy fills the space quickly

I got you

Go as far as you need to.

There is limitless space here.

Thank God

Finally nothing to keep me

Harness me

Hold me down

God I love my beautiful crazy

Wild, a force, a power, rule-less, stretching, breaking, wreaking havoc and contained.

WOW so impressive!

I watch mesmerized by the capacity this endless source of wildness.

I honour my wild beast, it is neither woman or man.

Its pure source energy

Untainted by sex

Runs & runs

Stops and starts

Builds up and falls


And then the space.

Oh that space where I run into that which I think I am or was.

Oh that tender moment in time

I begin to shake

Is it me or who or what is it?

It’s energy

It needs nothing and everything.

And then the truth fills me


All I am is space

Empty and full

Nothing and everything

Mind blown

Body gone!

Empty and full!

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