Fermenting Oat Groats

fermentingoatgroats2Step 1 Soaking the Oats first for a day or two.  Then rinse them really well.

fermentingoatgroats1 Step 2 Cut a mesh lid so you can easily strain and wash once its fermented.  And it helps to have a breathable top so this or a cloth will do.

fermentingoatgroatsStep 3 Put the mesh lid on and screw on metal lid.  Fill so the oat groats are just covered with water.

Let the jar sit for many days… depending on temperature in your place, hotter temperature will make the fermentation process go quicker.   Could take anywhere from 2-6 days depending… keep checking it!  It should have a sour taste.  Once you have found the sour taste you like strain the liquid out and rinse well.  Then store in fridge and make a savoury dish like Tabbouleh or a Porridge, even make a stuffing out of it.  You can make anything from this.  NOW its easily digestible and live with enzymes and probiotics… Truly medicine for the body.

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