Sprouting 101

sprouting1Step 1 Put your grains in a jar and fill with water, place a breathable lid or a solid closed lid on it, either way they will both work.  Make sure the grains are completely covered over with water.

sprouting Step 2 Soak over night, you can even let it go longer, but I would try to get to it in a couple of days, 2 nights max.

rinsingsproutsStep 3 Place the jars in the sink and let the water just run through it until you feel it is nicely rinsed.  The solid lid doesn’t allow for this easy of a rinsing so I will always place the grains, seeds or legumes into a jar with a mesh lid while I am sprouting them for ease of rinsing while they are out on the counter sprouting each day.

sproutingstation1Step 4 Then place the sprouting jar with the mesh lid back in the sprouting area.  You can either place the jar upright or you can lay it on its side, both ways work.  Depends on the space I have, if I have space I try to place it on its side, I like that better.

Step 5 Now for 3-5 days, depending on the grain, seed or legume you will rinse them twice a day and put them back.  It will be up to you as to how far you want to sprout them.  And alot of them will begin to oxidize with the air getting to them… but they are usually pretty ok for a least 2-3 days anyways sprouting out.

Step 6  Once they are at the desired sprouting length give a good rinse and place them in a jar with a solid lid for storing in fridge.

Sprouting is one the easiest things to do to get a complete protein for the body and its ALIVE!!!  There is nothing better!!!

I offer already sprouted seeds, grains, beans, oat groats and buckwheat groats.  Please contact Dana Lynn to find out what we are offering and to get on our call list.  Check out our services that we offer we provide many food services.


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