The Earth’s Medicine

The Earth is here for us to support us.   And support us means we work in direct relationship to all of the Earths members: animals, plants, insects, ocean, air, soil etc.  Wild Foraging is one of my favourite things to do and also gleaning is too!  Whenever I go out into the forest I always take my tobacco and crystals and whatever else I feel drawn to bring for that time and I always do a ceremony of prayer and gratitude leaving tobbaco for the gift that I am about to experience and for whatever I am called to harvest and bring home to process for medicine.  To me it is a full circle and cycle of giving and taking working in a synchronistic flow of love with myself and the Earth.  I never take too much, always leaving enough for others and for the plant itself.

Gleaning in case any of you are wondering is another incredible way to collect plant medicine in your area.  It is when you go out to your neighbours and see what they are growing and have abundance in and see if they would mind if you harvested some of their crop to take home and process so it doesn’t go to waste.  I always take back something to the people who have shared their crop with me, remember its a give and take cycle.

I am always in AWE of what Mother Nature provides and grows so beautifully for us.


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