Earth is a Mirror of Me

What if the Earth is a direct reflection of me?  What if each area of this gigantic planet represents an aspect of this body I am in?

I have for many years now felt that the Earth is a direct reflection of my own body.  Maybe this is how it might look… lungs being the rainforest, the mind in India, the heart in Canada, the bones in Euroasia… etc.

What if we could truly know and integrate this truth that this AMAZING PLANET that is suspended in a GALAXY hosting us all here is actually a mirror image of the planet that we are residing in called the body.

I have adapted this as my truth and have a life practice each day that respects, honours and co-exists with this Body and this Earth simultaneously.  I use the senses to experience this collective union.  When I look through my eyes I choose to see the beauty that surrounds me and is within.  I hear with my ears the harmony that resonates from deep within my core, the earths core and exudes out into other bodies and the earth.  When I reach and touch another body and the earth I experience the absolute joy and respect for what I am, the earth is and all others are.  My taste is of the utmost experience that I get to bring something to my mouth, savouring it, swallowing and digesting its pure essence that nourishes this body on all levels and then feeds this earth.  Smelling all the aromas that waft from this body of mine, sweet and sour, pungent and strong, the earths fragrance that illuminates from its self, supporting our journey to turn right or left, go straight, take a corner.  Deeply grateful for all these senses that support me in experiencing my own body as the earth.

As I integrate this wisdom deeper into my core root I adjust my style and way in which I live here within and on this Earth!  I hope that this wisdom can inspire many of you to change the way in which you experience this body, sacred temple, and exquisite planet, Gaia, Earth we are all a part of.  WE ARE ONE!!!


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