Food, what is it really?

What if the whole food industry is just that? AN INDUSTRY!  A business to make money from and even the most holistic, wholesome, genuine and organic foods are actually a part of a GRAND ILLUSION of Commerce?  Yes they all mean well, they want you to be healthy and happy but only if you buy their food and support their business.  Can we be absolutely authentic and truthful when there is money involved with making it or not?

I have been travelling down a road of deep excavation and inquiry into my own psyche with my belief structures and thought patterns.  One of the roads I have embarked on is this whole food industry.  The five food groups that “one must have” in order to lead a “healthy” “happy” “vibrant” life!  Well, how do the people way up north survive their harsh winters without a lot of greens, grains, legumes, fruit…?  I have watched many documentaries and read about how they survive and it’s mostly on animal fat and mammals and meat.  And I am certainly not saying let’s all survive on meat and animal fats I only use this example because they survive, they live healthy lives, active and in direct contact with their environment.

Over years I have observed all around the world in different cultures how they are not dependent on the five food groups.  So I began to inquire into my own regime of eating 15 years ago.  Many days I am not even close to the “proper intake” of nutrients that this body is “suppose to” have to stay healthy!  Yet here I am, still alive, I seem well, active, vibrant, alert and excited about this life.  Through my curiosity I discovered a type of lifestyle that are referred to as breatharians, they do not eat food at all.  I found this woman who has done this living experiment in the summer of 2013 called Living on Light .  And there is much information on this topic if you so choose to investigate.  This article is not something that I need to prove to anyone it is my own inquiries, observations and thoughts on the topic.

What if all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, probiotics etc are all within this amazing sacred temple that we live in and what if all this that we believe we need actually are just names of things that “people” can make, create and profit from?  What if we don’t need any of it?  What if it’s all just a made up concept to participate in this co-created reality we call “life” and just that… an illusion?  You don’t have to believe any of this, and in fact I say don’t believe any of it, you can go along in your living reality, eat all the food you want and keep on keeping on!  I however am trying different ways of living.

Some of the different ways of living are cleansing for me, and it comes naturally I just don’t feel like solid food on many days in a month, drinking liquid food, juicing, smoothies, elixirs, infusions and decoctions are other forms of liquid nutrition.  And a very big practice for me daily is “positive thought” affirmations and confirmations posted up around my home, written on pages to recite before going to bed and awakening in the morning.  I truly believe that confirming “I have all the nutrients and nourishment that this body requires in any given moment” is one of the greatest foods I can feed myself.

I am not a breatharian, nor do I go 45 days without food, however I have gone 18 days, 15 days, 12 days, 10 days, 14 days and many other days without food in a row!  All I had was liquid and some of those experiences I had a drink that is called a lemonade throughout the day for 2 weeks at a time or more.  I survived, purged, took a lot of trips to the bathroom, discovered alien life forms coming out into the toilet ha ha ha… but true!  And felt amazing during and after.  My skin was more vibrant, eyes were more sparkly, digestion issues gone, energy level up and many more positive things that I noticed.  It’s not for everyone and I love how I feel when I completely honour my body and that might mean no food for a period of time, short or long!  I look at life as an adventure and it doesn’t mean I have to go somewhere exotic or warm to have one.  I adventure every day into my psyche and I seem to have a heck of a ride!

I write this article not to try to convince anyone of anything, but to share my thoughts and life with others, maybe inspire new inquires or resistance that you didn’t know you had.  I love to push into the psyche and stretch it to see what else exists within.

God bless you and walk peacefully,

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  1. Myriam Haar says:

    Ha Dana, great this blog about food, you hit the nail on the head there.
    I do think the food industry or having to eat is an illusion but then I love chocolate and other stuff so much that I would not want to stop food. However that short period on lemonade seems like a good idea for a few days before Xmas and NY, lemon cuts of the hunger pangs anyway. I’m going to try this beginning of next week for a few days and see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.
    Nassim Haramein stopped eating for 2 months he explained in one of his talks once, saying that he just wanted to prove that we don’t need to eat. He’d read that many ‘gurus’ of India stopped eating at some point in their life and he said they had never touched food ever since.
    So yes I have a feeling that there is ample proof out there that having to partake of food is simply another illusion.


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