No time… only space!

My living experiment with “no time” started 3 sleeps ago now!  Part of this experiment is to become more aware of my language that is associated with this time reality.  For those that don’t know what I am up to in this, below is a description of my “Journey out of time” living experiment.

My initial vocabulary to express this experiment started like this…

About 10 years ago I did a living experiment with a lover around “no time.”

Now with becoming more aware of my language around “no time” it reads like this…

Description of my “Journey out of time” Living Experiment

About 120 Full Moons ago I did a living experiment with a lover around “no time.”  We decided to not use any form of clocks, just untamed abandonment, living through each moment as presented, no decided time for meals just ate when we were hungry, no appointments, free-flowing spontaneity.  It was a wild, crazy, vibrant and alive time for me and him!  And now 120 full moons later it calls so deeply that I must abide. 

I have covered up my one and only home clock which is on my stove with a sign that reads LOVE!  All my other electronic devices too are covered with a sign that reads LOVE also! 

I awoke in the morning, 2 sleeps ago to an overwhelming calling and message to live without time clocks!  I got up immediately and went into action to cover up all my devices that have time on them.  I had some clear message as to what this was going to bring into my life, that I must do it and that it would be transformational for me.  When I get callings like this with this level of intensity I listen and obey.

This living experiment is to challenge my day to day life that has been dependent on a time keeping system that has its own developed rules over much lived experiences.  My inquiry that was clear is:  how does time affect my ability to remain present, fully aware and conscious of what this sacred vessel truly requires for its most authentic existence?  Does time influence my living existence in a way that no longer is of service and in alignment with my true path and purpose?  These were things I was about to find out and find out rather quickly because I am living without time now! 


After three sleeps into this living experiment I have many things to report already.

First I am noticing how often I sneak a peek over to the clock on the stove, I quickly slip into awareness of what I am doing and notice that I am seeking confirmation for the time to affirm something because it is that time of the day already.  I notice a dialogue that suggests that I need to be already doing something or that I should already have done something because it’s that time!  Then because I cannot see the time and what I see is a message that says, LOVE, I notice how that brings me back to myself.  I realize it’s because I use time to distract from being fully present with what is going on inside this body I call my sacred vessel.  I am understanding that there is this perceived time line of how this human is suppose to or does live in each moment.  For example lunch is around 12 noon, dinner at 5pm, breakfast at 7am, work starts at 8:30am finishing at 5pm.  If one doesn’t work then we should be dressed by 9am, 10am, 11am or at least before noon and already done chores before noon.  If you have animals then they should be walked before 8 am or 9am, that is just what is right.  Maybe there are rituals you do and they need to be done before a certain time of the day.  I should have many tasks done before the end of the day, the end of the day being around 5pm.  I think you are starting to get the idea of the kind of thoughts that I have around time and I bet yours aren’t really much different, maybe different times! Ha ha ha!

Realizing that inside of me there is this “sneaking around” energy that is trying to sneak a glimpse at the time.  And this sneak wants to know the time so that it knows what it should be doing through a pre-conceived idea of this reality.  If it knows the time then it knows that it should have done this or should be on its way to do that or that my friend is probably awake now so it’s ok to connect with her or him.  And as I observe the dialogue of this sneak energy I also understand that it’s all distractions to take me away from truly being present with myself.  Then I am forced to drop in more deeply and check with this living, breathing, energetic field that is my body to see what it really wants in this moment.  I then feel the tension of the what I am now realizing is my ego that wants it to be all laid out in this time sensitive schedule of should’s and have to’s.  And when it can’t reference what it knows so well to be “true” or “accurate” or “right” then it actually feels fear, confusion and panic even!  So I am present with this and breathe through it until I actually settle into what is underneath that.  And that seems to be more authentic than the other thoughts.  This is still very fresh and new and I feel that spaciousness is needed with this experiment, which translated into the old language… time is needed!  I am going to from now on use the word space instead of time just so you know.

I am also having this experience of I can’t fully remove myself from time yet because I am on facebook, messenger and texting which all put the time in the messages so my sneak is still sneaking glimpses of the time.  I am finding that I am impatient at moments with my sneak that looks at the time and then I feel angry because I feel like it’s just taken something from me.  So I am having to become even more present with the moment and be aware also not to look at my phone when I am first coming on line because it too has a huge clock that I cannot hide because it’s in a spot that would hide other important aspects of my phones programs and applications.  So I turn it away when I remember and swipe it to come on line.  I am also practicing not looking at the time when I am on messenger, facebook and texting, which doesn’t always happen.  I am learning to allow space and patience for myself as I maneuver in this very new territory.

I am quite surprised at what is coming up through this experience and ever so curious to expand my understanding with myself.  I have been feeling anxious as well as burst of excitement and joy sensing a freedom amidst this adventure.  The anxiety is a fear that I cannot know something that I am so familiar with, which is time.  It is strange to me that I am feeling anxious about this.  But I also understand that part in my ego that needs to know everything, predetermining its every move with the ally of time by its side which has been in charge for a very long time.

These are a few of the things that I am noticing and working with in this living experiment of “no time” only space!  Just this moment as I wrote these words… “no time… only space” I just discovered is the true journey… “no time… only space!”

Thanks for being with me in this and I will keep reporting as I feel new experiences arise and new lessons and discoveries come and show themselves.

Blessings and Love,

Walk peacefully,

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  1. Myriam Haar says:

    Great account Dana. I take it you are not bound by ‘a job’? I find that very enslaving regarding time.
    Personally I’ve never been too fond or respective of ‘time’: I have no clock anywhere in our condo, have not worn a watch since I was 14, my husband doesn’t either. Only time indicated is naturally on all our digital gadgets which I avoid as much as possible.
    When I don’t have to work I spend ‘time’ as it comes, mostly immersed in my quilting art so I don’t see the days go by. I usually start and stop whenever I feel like it, sometimes coming out of the magic world I traveled to realize it’s dark outside.
    Same nonchalance for food: I eat when hungry which is seldom once I’m traveling through my quilting art.
    For the rest you’re right: ego stands in the way, like saying you should have done this or that by a certain day, time of day or any deadline ego feels adequate.
    When I have appointments however, I always make sure I have the time correctly as I want to be 10 minutes ahead of the appointment, to me it is simply showing respect for the other person’s time/life actually.
    Very interesting your concept to live in space, probably going to be an eye opener; through your experience I realized how much we are conditioned in our behavior and how time is our big ruler actually.


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