Pain the “Voice of the Soul”

IMAGE by Josh Hutchinson

Over my 600 Full Moons of life I have learned many valuable and life altering lessons.  One of the greatest by far is the “lesson of pain.”  And even the word and what we associate with it needs amending.  When I use to experience pain I immediately went into fear that something was very wrong with me and I needed immediate help from a doctor or hospital.  I realized I was seeking validation from someone outside of myself to tell me that I was “ok,”  “that I wasn’t DYING” and “that I would survive this!”  Often the verdict was for the doctors and hospital to prescribe some medication or tell you that you have a virus that’s going around and you need rest.  I am certainly not trying to tell anyone to NOT go to the Hospital because I have in the past and maybe I will again.  If that is what you really need to do to help feel safe then by all means do what you need to.  I am sharing my story with you in hopes that it will inspire one to look within for your medicine, look inside and ask the pain to give you the deeper message that is causing the discomfort.  No one knows your body and life better than you do!

I don’t even remember when I last went to the doctor or hospital for myself.  The only reason I would go is to get a slip to get tests for my own diagnosis if that was necessary.  I have come to a place of understanding that pain and discomfort is a language from my Soul to express that I am on the wrong road, temporarily or just plain LOST!  Think about it please, if we did not have pain and suffering and/or discomfort in the physical body how would we shift and make changes in our life when we are on the wrong road?  We would just keep on going without any call to change it.

I have experienced many forms of incredible pain and discomfort over my years.  This is where my journey really began to awaken me, well over 15 years ago I was laying on the floor in my crack drug dealing house after just being released from the hospital and being told that I had a rare white blood cell disorder and that my lungs were also very jeopardized and if I didn’t stop the life I was living very soon that I would not be here much longer!!!  I lay on my living room floor in so much pain, discomfort, I couldn’t breathe properly and my immune system was in complete shutdown.  Pain surging all throughout my body, a weight on my chest and my lungs that felt as though they were being crushed, fever, chills and sweats and my head was pounding so hard I thought my brain would explode!  In that moment I heard a voice yelling at me and it wasn’t the first time I heard it.   The voice said so powerfully loud, yet with a loving presence and softness to it, “There is a better way of life for you.”  In that moment of absolute despair, pain and such suffering I found something inside of myself that inspired me not to go in the next room where I knew I could get my next high but to lift myself off of that wretched floor and take myself out of that crack house and find a better way of life for me!  In that moment I found the courage and strength to trust a deeper knowing and wisdom so profound in its presence that I would from that day on always trust it no matter what.  And I have honored that promise from that day over 15 years ago.  When that voice speaks I listen.  When that voice shows up as pain in my body, discomfort, anxiety, panic and fear I drop what I am doing, no matter what and I thank it for coming and I ask what is its message for me.  I apologize to my body, mind, spirit and heart for going off track and promise I will listen to its guidance.  And then I move consciously into stillness and quiet, with my inner eyes and ears present and wait for the instructions and it does come, faster than it ever has.  Almost immediately and probably it is already talking I just wasn’t listening before that moment.  I hear the guidance and I obey immediately stepping into action or non-action depending on what it has directed me to do.  Sometimes the pain is to integrate more fully the trust in my own physical body and the souls union with this body.  It is for me to anchor in that my body is doing exactly what it needs to do in order to stay in absolute perfect alignment with is souls purpose.

We are in the age of ASTOUNDING CHANGE, where our old out-dated Patriarch reality has served us perfectly and now we have finished with that and are stepping into the time of FULL ALIGNMENT with our Purpose and Passion otherwise known as the “Divine.”  Pain is the steering mechanism out of that patriarch reality and into the Divine.  If you do not listen and make the corrections necessary then the pain or discomfort will amplify.  It will turn into what the ego calls “dis-ease” or “illness.”  That is the final level for change because after that if you don’t correct it you will leave the planet.

I have learned that pain is not to be feared, but a HIGHER CALLING to my DIVINE which is my passion and purpose here!  If fear arises in the pain then I immediately go into acceptance of this pain.  I have a conversation and affirm that I hear its message and I will obey its instructions.  I believe this is an old ancient way of the Creators, which I am and you are and the pain isn’t actually anything other than a voice calling me to re-align myself with my Purpose!

So to summarize, when I feel pain I immediately move into gratitude, I acknowledge that it is a voice of a higher calling, calling me home!  And I ask for its wisdom to guide me and immediately move in that direction.  Often the pain will go away immediately or within a period of space or still remain until it plays itself out but my relationship with it is calm and peaceful.

God Bless you all for your journey here and Thank you for all that you do as you make your way through the path of FULL ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR PASSION AND PURPOSE!

Walk Peacefully and EMPOWERED!

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