My Reality

As I look out my window this morning and see the local lawn care guy unloading his blower to do his job across the street I ponder the question again, how do I want to show up?  And my first answer is, “not like him!”    I have an idea of how I think he is showing up in the world and it has a very strong impact on me.  It is how I have seen the world at large through a very filtered vision.  My vision is seen through my belief that the world at large is doing their work or job because of survival, because they have to in order to have a roof over their head, food on their table, clothes on their back, a car for transportation, entertainment and clean drinkable water.  There is something about this model that feels so HORRIBLY WRONG that I want to run to the woods and eeek out an existence there.  Somehow it seems that it would be more in alignment with me than this civilized/uncivilized world we call our society!

This question has been with me for many years and with each passing year I face my limiting beliefs in this reality.  I understand that I have been a willing participant and co-creator in establishing and then living out a world that promotes separation, competition, compromise, fear, lack, scarcity and survival not freedom!

So here I am this co-creator in this life I don’t want, feel lost in, enslaved to for survival and I unhook one by one the tentacles I have anchored into this reality.  Reviewing and processing each one as I become aware to it.  Understanding that it no longer serves me or works for me in any way except to keep the matrix, patriarch and duality reality alive.

As I change my matrix beliefs I integrate a new intention in its place to establish the reality I want to live in, for example:  1) “I only do what it is that nourishes and inspires me.”  2)  “I am always in the natural flow of life.”  3)  “I only do what I love always.”  4)  “I always have what I need for housing, food, water, transportation and entertainment.”  5)  “I live in a constant state of transformation of love and light.”  6)  “I only have loving, respectful, honoring and compassionate friends and family in my life.”   7)  “I live communally with like-hearted brothers and sisters where we support, love and inspire each other always.”

It is interesting as I look out my window embodying these positive aligned beliefs and my vision seems as though it plays a trick on me.   I see separate houses and apartments all around, the lawn care guy still across the street, single people eeking out a living on their own and I know that I am still catching up to my new vision and belief structure as I blend the old with the new.  I have faith that my world has changed and I am living this blessed life of riches and abundance galore with loving people all around, all working together to support and honour each other.

I am grateful for this page to have shared my thought process in this blog and with any of you who have been drawn to read it through.  Thank you for sharing this moment in time with me.  God Bless you, AHO!!!


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