How Powerful I really Am

Being ill… sick… with disease… infected… having a virus… getting the flu… bacteria… fungus…

I have been working with these energies for a number of years now and this is what I am discovering in my own journey through the web of the matrix reality and the label of “being sick.” As long as I hold onto a belief that I am weakened with disease, sickness, illness, an infection, a virus, the flu, a bacteria and/or fungus I stay within the structure of this limiting belief system. And as I treat only the symptoms and make these the most valued and important aspect of it I remain feeling in a weakened state which I feel in my body, mind, spirit and heart! When others speak to me from this weakened state I feel immediately annoyed, I feel as though I have to defend myself and what I am doing, why I am on this regime and how I am living when in fact in the “matrix reality of sickness” I am doing everything and more than one could be possibly doing to strengthen, rejuvenate and nourish my immune system. As I claimed that I was on the perfect regime for building my immune system up: taking vitamins for eye and skin, supporting my organs, taking the highest quality of multi-vitamin, taking superfoods and adaptogens, on a detox regime every night, drinking distilled water, eating the good fats and taking medicinal quantities of supplements and herbs every day I discovered something else!

I believe that in the reality of the matrix which I think supports separation and duality in the most extreme conditions the mind creates thoughts that encourage division within. And I am so powerful: my body, mind, spirit and heart that once my mind has a thought or belief it moves out into the entire system and begins to manifest it through my body and environment. As my thoughts and beliefs anchor I scan for things to support them in the environment then it becomes the living reality and dis-ease begins through symptoms in my body. I have in the past thought that because it happened in my environment or in my body first, that it was outside of my experience and I felt separate and often victim to it. This is not the case! I have an unconscious state that has an incredible story being told all the time that I was mostly unaware of. I am doing deep excavating work and finding out about my stories, manifestations, unconscious states of thoughts and beliefs running on-going which has shifted my interpretation and understanding of how powerful I now know I am. Here is the old process of when a perceived “symptom” appeared through my body:

1) A pain, rash, lump, spot on the skin, muscle spasm, headache, strong odour or whatever the perceived symptom was appears.
2) My mind immediately starts running the program of “there is something wrong with me!”
3) Cancer, disease, illness, infection…
4) I look immediately outside in my environment for a cure and/or relief.
5) Go and buy something that will help take the symptom away.
6) Or run to the doctor/emergency for the answers and relief.
7) Begin feeling even more powerless without really knowing.
8) Become desperate when the symptom isn’t going away almost immediately.
9) Feeding more of the fear of being out of control and being victim to something.
10) Becoming so sick that I am impaired and unable to truly take proper care of myself.
11) Stress and anxiety hit the roof!
12) On-going compromising of immune system through stress, fear and anxiety.
13) A perpetuating cycle of disease and illness cycling around until the body finally finds its homeostasis.
14) Often taking far longer to reach than what is possible.

Here is the new process:

1) A sign appears (old language “symptom”).
2) I sit in silence, become still and ask, “What have you come to teach me or share with me?”
3) I listen until I hear a very clear message.
4) It is always something that is happening within.
5) I hear what the old story is.
6) Step into supporting myself in changing this story of thought patterns and beliefs.
7) Create new thoughts and beliefs that inspire a lifting and positive feeling within.
8) Create a loving and nourishing environment for myself.
9) Remove anything that I am doing that isn’t loving and nourishing, including people, places, old dialogues, events and experiences.
10) Live from this new story, eliminating the old story completely.
11) Give gratitude for this sign showing up so that I may learn how to love myself more completely and wholly.

The difference between these two processes are like night and day for me in my experience here as a human being. I have found peace in signs (old language is symptoms) that I would step into extreme fear before and plummet down into hopelessness and helplessness. Now I use these signs to further my evolution and transformation in remembering just how perfect and powerful I really am.

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  1. Linda Brown Shields says:

    Ahhh, the journey, the evolving, the purposefulness in all of it. So much love. xxoo


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