Money versus Passion

What if what we offered in the world wasn’t our job that we do, have to do or what we have trained to do but our beautiful gift or passion we have come here to share?  How would this change our world?

I have thought about this alot over the years and have come to realize that if I did not have to survive in this world, meaning: bring home money to pay for what I need to survive such as; food, shelter, clothing, transportation and water then I believe I would be living in a completely different reality.  Think about what you do all day if you work for a living, would you be doing something very different if you could simply live your passion and share that with the world versus have to earn money to pay for your survival?  I think so!

The whole lived experience here in our culture that money is our valuing system, if you don’t have it you don’t have a shelter, food, warmth, clothing and transportation etc equates to a very flawed system in my eyes.  All people should have the necessities here to live a comfortable abundant life without having to work to survive.  There is more than enough to provide for us all if we would re-evaluate our way in which we live now and come into balance and alignment with one another and our planet.

I have examined this monetary system rather closely in my own life as well as others around me for many years now and know that it is not the reality that I want to keep on living in.  My work has been to see and acknowledge my own part in this patriarch and monetary reality and work through the limiting structures within me.  I continue with this work daily and feel I am getting closer to what I am really and it is manifesting in my outer lived reality.

I am interested in others who are also at this place and whether you would like to begin getting together to discuss this to begin creating the lived reality of true freedom. One of the other things I have discovered is that we are not here to do this alone but in community supporting and helping each other through our lives.

Blessings and Love,

BE the CHANGE YOU want to see in the WORLD!


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