Essential Oils… Therapeutic Grade versus Natural or Essential Oils

There is a difference between just essential oils, natural essential oils, pure essentials and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  If you have been one of those people who have thought you tried essential oils and they didn’t work for you then I ask you to TRY AGAIN… but this time don’t buy just a bottle of essential oil that you don’t have some sort of guarantee that it is THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL!  All of the oils that companies cannot say that they are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have no business being in your home let alone on your skin or inside of you.  THESE ESSENTIAL OILS ARE TOXIC… HOWEVER Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are the true medicine.

I have been using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for over 10 years and probably have used them pretty much every day if not every other day in my life.  I put them on my skin, infuse them in an oil burner, put them in blends, lotions, creams and ingest them.

teablendlavenderessentialoilHere I am making a lovely calming tea before I go to bed and am adding Lavender Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.  I sell these oils and you can find many oils here on my site

I have also used a blend that I make out of a variety of oils that I use all through the flu season:  oregano, clove, lemon, cinnamon and rosemary.  This blend when I take it at the first sign of flu season and just continue to take it when I am feeling run down, tired, stressed out keeps all the flu’s and cold’s away.

burningessentialoilsI burn oils in my infuser almost every day or night with a variety of different oils in it… right now I am burning cedarwood, eucalyptus and oregano.

If you are interested in learning more about Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and how they work with you please visit my site, call me at 250 889 5608 or email me at .  Happy Oiling!!!

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