Lessons of the past 12 Full Moon Cycles 2017

This is a time for me to look at all of my lessons of the past 12 moon cycles. I review what it is that I have been so blessed to learn and integrate. What I am grateful for and what I am honoured to be a part of. What I have let go of and what I am creating in these next 12 moon cycles.

My lessons and integration for the past cycles are all about acceptance, gratitude, letting go and integrating a higher vibration into Love.

My gratitude extends to all those who have touched my life, whether small or large. To my daughter Cayla for our deeply committed loving relationship that expands and grows with every passing cycle. My dear and closest friends who really are my soul family that I cherish and treasure so completely. For all those who I have used to trigger my deepest pain body to integrate the highest frequency of love through my physical body. And all those souls who I do not know intimately but I know you are all so perfect and divinely doing your path that is right and correct.

I have been so honoured to be an intimate part of people’s journey into remembering their perfection. The walk of other souls here never ceases to astonish me at the courage shown through what they all must go through in order to return to their true divine state of perfection. I honour all of you on the path doing the work!
I continue to let go of any negativity that comes through my experience, replacing it with positive thoughts, beliefs and affirmations. I let go of anything that I think or believe to be imperfect and wrong. I continue to let go of my limiting beliefs around money, hierarchy, separation, the matrix and duality.

I am creating a living reality of the highest frequency of LOVE. I am creating a utopia here in my reality that embodies the divine of the feminine and masculine. I am creating acceptance for what is in my reality with love and respect for all of it.
One of my greatest gifts this year is that my daughter, Cayla and her beloved, Tyler are expecting a baby in July and so begins a new journey for us all, I as an Oma and my loving daughter as a Mother, her beloved, Tyler as a Father. I feel that life has given me the greatest gift to learn with a new soul coming to this planet that is essentially a part of my human DNA, my soul and spirit… WHAT A GIFT!!!

I wish everyone the greatest of mastery in these 12 cycles of the moon to come. May we all walk peacefully in our hearts always.

In loving creation,
Dana Lynn
The Dharmacy

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