Working for a living?  Being disturbed by an offensive alarm, having to get to work by 7, 8, 9 am, pack a lunch, speak to customers you would never let near you outside of work, rushing, hurrying, speeding, panicking about being late, making errors where you are reprimanded, working for someone else, doing what someone else wants of you, on and on the list could go.  What about living for a living?  What if you never had to do any of these things again?  What if your time was your time, to choose when you awake and not with an alarm, not needing to get anywhere at any time, eating at home or packing a picnic to go to someplace that gives you immense pleasure and joy, never speaking to another person unless you are fully aligned with them and they with you, slowing down, walking at a pace suitable for you, relaxing into your day as it unfolds organically for you, never are you reprimanded, errors are gifts that guide you along your chosen path and never working again but creating from your deepest place of inspiration, never doing what someone else wants of you unless that is your deepest pleasure!  All of this is of the new paradigm.  The shift of FULLY BEING IN YOUR POWER, CREATIVE BEINGS, BEING ONLY WHAT IS YOUR PASSION AND GIFT!

This collective reality is changing very fast now, we are in the Age of Aquarius, the 3rd dimension changing to 4th, 5th, 6th etc. dimensions, carbon body changing to crystalline, the ego being exposed, triggers happening so often one may feel they are forever triggered, severe or light symptoms in the body, disease, sickness coming out of what seems nowhere, incredible pain experiencing in the body and emotions, weather patterns going all wonky, extreme changes in temperatures, people feeling crazy, obsessed, mental illness ramping up, and so many more symptoms and changes happening, too many to list here.  The time is to go inward, study yourself, get in check with your nervous system, create peace and harmony through every experience you are able, bring love into everything, find what you love to do and do that as often as you can, get plenty of rest and sleep, drink water, take your time with everything you are deciding upon participating in, ground with the earth, stay out of peoples way that do not align with you, remove yourself from conflict, move your body, try to grow some of your own food even if you live an apartment, hold fast to what feels right for you and do that!

The age of working for a living is ending; we are here to bring our power, our gifts to humanity, WE ARE HERE TO RISE UP AND BE THE CREATOR THAT WE ARE!  One of the ways you can move into this reality is begin anchoring in the thought patterns of YOU ARE CREATOR, YOU ARE HERE TO DO YOUR PASSION!  You are here to celebrate life and live it at its fullest joy and love!  Begin moving into action or non-action of this mindset.  You always have choice, no matter what!  Choose higher frequencies of love, shop only at places that are in alignment with your values and morals.  Choose local farms to buy food from.  Spend your time and money wisely and aligned with your purpose more and more each week.  Say yes to the events, movies and messages that hold a higher resonance that are inspiring and creative for you! Buy second hand, have clothing swaps, make your own skin care products, bring your own bags with you, bring a mug for drinks to go, again so many things to do to create change in your life.

So the next time you feel something disturbing, unsettling, triggering look within yourself first and see what it is that you are doing or not doing. Take accountability and responsibility for your life and  reality.  Know that your body is designed to process certain levels of its environment; it is geared to be well and knows how to do this.  Feed it right and you will thrive!

Remember you are in charge of your life, your reality, your creation!  So be that CREATOR and CREATE, make the choices that move you into FULL ALIGNMENT with your purpose.

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