It’s the new paradigm, STOP WORKING FOR A LIVING and START LIVING YOUR PASSION!!! Yes, easier said than done you think. That is another belief in the old paradigm that we are correcting. If you feel like there are no answers, options or opportunities and are stuck in your “job” then you have come upon this article for a reason. The most common questions are; how will I survive, pay my bills and afford everything in life? Again, thinking these thoughts is from the old model of being enslaved to the system. Understand that through a belief thoughts are anchored in the mind. We generate a certain language that secures the judgments and viewpoints. Soon we believe there couldn’t possibly be another reality. The slave system is perfectly designed to keep us circling.

The opportunities for change are within. You have the power to improve your life. The first step; modify your thoughts and language. With your fresh narrative your old anecdote will try to rear its ugly head and interfere. That is when your will power comes into play. Keep diligent and persistent don’t give up no matter what. As you clear and purge slave behavour, keep your same determined self-will and march on! If you require assistance in this process please contact me through The Dharmacy website. I’d like to help.

As you secure your new truth keep positive affirmations around the home, car and work to consistently remind you of LIVING YOUR PASSION LIFE! STAY DEVOTED.

What you give time to, you create. Make sure you share more positive than “the other!” If you are constantly speaking about what you don’t have, the terrible thing that so and so did, how the person on the highway cut you off, the individual that made a snide remark and so forth, these are all damaging and this is what you’ll attract. Stop the destructive chatter with uplifting thoughts and you will notice you’re feeling better and your life is improving! Just try it even for a day! Then try it for 3 days, a week, forever! As you retrain your brain you WILL CHANGE… I GUARANTEE IT!!!

Dana Lynn
Medicine Woman
The Dharmacy

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