An Honouring of Aging

The Youthful energy; vibrant, alive, fresh, energizing, alert, and when it comes to the feminine side, let us not forget beautiful!

I have been one of those women who didn’t have to do anything in my life to look beautiful. It turns out I hit a point where I felt my youthful energy diminish somewhat. From a vibrant, sexy, fresh and beautiful woman to what has at times felt more like this hag with a hag hair on my chin! What happened?
I am 52 years old actually I am 52 years young and in the stages of reprograming my third dimensional conscious/unconscious mind. And right here in this blog I corrected that programed state that I am 52 years old versus young! Could it be all a state of mind? I decided I would not believe the story of horrors of women aging, losing these vital aspects of our femininity and falling into this pit of hellish pain, suffering and tormented states of the anti-aging movement. And yes this picture was taken the moment I finished writing this blog, yes with my housecoat on too!!! Its so fun being a mature woman because I don’t feel I have to look perfect anymore in whatever I am doing. This is just me in this moment with you.
With all the advertisements on TV, internet and radio around beauty, vitality, getting rid of wrinkles, moisturizers, Botox, implants, the list goes on and on, it’s no wonder we as maturing women have this negative story of aging. And please know that I do not blame the beauty industry and corporations for the global world’s negative story of women aging! And what if this world-wide story is actually what we believe to be true and these industries that capitalize on youthfulness are just reflecting our own inner universal story that we as woman become obsolete, not valued anymore because our youth is changing, we are aging!
All the way up to date I stopped older women’s stories of doom and gloom around growing older and corrected them in my mind and often to their face that I will not believe this story, your story. You need only get into a room of unhappy, aging women and listen to the stories of their youth being stripped away, taken, and wasted! How they have this wrong with them and this disease and sickness. Women talk, older to younger and just to each other with snide comments like, oh wait you’re still young, when you get older everything falls, you’re still young enough, when you hit this age you will understand what I am talking about! SHUT UP!!! I say. Stop telling me your shitty stories of aging and maybe do something about it, like start believing something else that makes you feel good and others, and start telling that story! Drying up vaginas, pain when having sex, all of it imminent, destined because we are aging women now! If these stories coming from our elder women aren’t enough to make woman who have some faith, like me, want to hang myself at the first onset of an aging symptom, I don’t know what is! Yes I can be angry, pissed off, because now I am a part of that aging woman’s story, right in the middle of it all! I must believe it on some level because I am playing it out, somewhat consciously though, or so I think! The toned, tight body, slipping away, I didn’t have to do any exercise before to keep my slim toned body, now I look in the mirror and see something completely different and my bags under my eyes, well now I have bags. The fast growing white hag hair on my chin requiring plucking often and yes cellulite, you would have not found that on me for most of my life!
What do I do in all of this tortuous, advertising, billboard, anti-aging bashing society? Well one option is I could join the bitter, envious, jealous, fat, unhappy aging women’s movement. Another option is to change the story within. Welcome aging as a gift in my life for all the miraculous years and lessons lived. View it as a reward to becoming this wise medicine woman that I am and believing that I now possess the offerings of the sage lady and that my body is changing to adapt to this. Waking each morning with gratitude, rather than regret and feelings of being ripped off, making time for walks, even just around my block breathing in that cool winter air, getting into nature, becoming curious and childlike at the wonder of this world. Changing my thoughts and beliefs about my entire life and how awful it’s been to a state of gratitude to the magnificence of it and how I have had the honour to participate and witness it all.
If all I find in my life is negativity, being a victim to life, people and situations, then I will be an old, tired, resentful hag of a woman that looks and feels really horrible. We have to stop telling our young or younger women how hideous it is, what’s going to happen to her because it’s happened to me, its just part of getting old. Start telling her stories of your accumulations of wisdom and how incredible it is to age and be an example of this astonishing elder to our younger women and coming of age ladies.
I changed my diet 19 years ago and have been fine tuning it ever since. I don’t eat junk food or the bad fats. I soak and ferment all my grains, beans and seeds. I eat fermented foods like kraut and kimchi that I make from local farms. I am on a health regime, which is my life practice, not just a fad diet. I watch my thoughts, my beliefs and make a point of allowing only high frequency people, events, gatherings and programs into my world. I have been working at this upgrade for almost 20 years and I still hit that spot where I fell for a while into the darkness of the ego that thrives on negativity.
Aging Women, LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE WHAT YOU ARE, make small changes, make large changes, focus on your mind and what you are thinking, watching, listening to and being involved with and if these things do not place you in a higher state of positivity then CHANGE IT!
I certainly do not proclaim to have the answers for you nor do I claim that what I am doing is absolute however my life is full, rich, vibrant, creative, fun and I am reconnecting to that vivacious, alive feminine energy in me after my dip into the underworld of the aging haggish woman! I cannot claim to be 100% free of these thought patterns around aging and youthfulness; however I am aware of my thoughts and beliefs and working on changing them every day. I am welcoming a childlike wonder in this world and re-programming my third dimensional beliefs. I am about to embark on yet another journey creating a documentary about these beliefs and what they cause in our incredible vessels called bodies.
I love you all, whatever size, shape, age, mentality; we are the change and example we see in the world! BE THE CHANGE!

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