June 28, 2018 is a day I will remember in all my life times just like November 1, 1991.  Both these days absolute life changers!  And funny enough they are both directly linked to each other!

My first love, Cayla Marie.  I could not have predicted the love that I would remember because of you.  The absolute unconditional love I would embody because of your presence in my world. In your eyes were my deepest memories of worth, importance and that I matter. Your voice and words affirmed this.  And now you bring yet the next love of my life into this world and of course it had to be you!

Wilder, in your eyes I have met my Grand Mother. The Mother of all Mothers.  The wise woman, the eternal loving womb forever and always emitting a love that is endless.  Your reflection of purity and innocence holds me in a state of peace that I have not felt with anyone.  It is your essence that created the world of majestic beauty, the profound crystal waters and magnificent landscape we dwell upon.  We gaze into each without need, judgement, story, only true acceptance, eternal presence and a genuine love that just simply is! We have no questions, no answers, no words and no need to explain anything yet we relate in perfect harmony.  We giggle and laugh one moment, we hug and embrace to fuel our hearts, I watch over while you explore, I read to you, carry you, feed you, I rock you to sleep and you gift me with the greatest treasure of all, discernment, neutrality, the deepest peace I have ever felt in the presence of another!

When we nap together I feel like we are one, one heart beating, one breath breathing and one love loving!  We awake, our eyes lock, we smile with a knowing we are home!

Thank you Cayla, my first love for now giving me my second love! Eternally we are connected and one!

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