Working for a living, scheduling, day-timers , saying yes when you mean no!

What is this world we live in when our time is already scheduled before we even get there?  We have daytimers that tell us where we’re going to be in the future.  We have a job that takes our entire week up, with no time to readjust, rest, rejuvenate, become balanced and take care of ourself before the next day starts again!

The buzz word, COMMITMENT, everyone using it as a weapon against one another.  “You need to make a commitment to… ” fill in the blanks! And what if that very word is enslaving you and I to a life shackled to a job we hate and want out of, no time to do what we love and a perpetuating cycle of living life; exhausted, fed up, stressed out and endless bill’s to pay!  How is this a life worth living, worth getting up for and inspiring to be in?  It’s not!  We are a society of slaves who dont even realize we are that!

Enough of that! How does one get off the hamster wheel of SLAVERY when the story is so carved into our psyche

First, we have to want to get out of this story.  Second, know that we can change it. Third, believe that you are the creator of your reality. Fourth, begin making changes into your new story. And fifth, stop participating in the old one!  Begin checking in with yourself with where you are in this moment.  Are you tired, exhausted and yet you are committing to another shift at work, one more errand to run, fixing something around the house, squeezing more than you have out of yourself.  What about picking you and what your body is telling you.  You are tired, rest! Stop doing and be.  Sit down put your feet up. Read a book cuddled in a cozy corner with a blanket, do an art project you have been putting off, get out and ride your bike, start dancing, go for a hike.  Choose you! Choose you more often than not and see how your life begins to change.

Only you can make the life you want.  Rather than these commitments that are taking from you, make the commitment to yourself.  Fill you up before you start emptying and giving yourself away!  If you are dependent on your job to pay your bills, lifestyle and habits then do a moral inventory and cut out things that you really dont need, bills that could be lowered by shopping around, slim down your day to day habits like; out for lunches everyday, fancy coffee lattes, shoe fetish, extravagant shopping, all these can be removed from your spending.  If you lower your spending each month, you dont need as much money, you can begin doing more of your passion and this will bring abundance.

In order to make change you must do it yourself by making drastic revisions.  As you free up expenses you dont need to earn as much and then you dont need to put so much time into work then you have more space to make a commitment to yourself.  One must take the step into what seems the darkness, the unknown, which is trusting that there is something better for you on the otherside!!!

Begin today, make the change, stop doing what isnt working and be a new story that is in alignment with your best life.

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