Ladies, Goddesses, Priestesses, Sisters what are we doing?

Sisters!!!!  Gather round, bring your magic, potions, lotions, creations and kind, compassionate Hearts!!!  The journey has been long, weary, potent, challenging, trying and absolutely brilliant.  We have bobbed and weaved, darted and dipped, woven through and pierced into, sunk and risen only to arrive at another gateway demanding our entry. The calling of the wild feral feminine, abandoned of herself in the old ways, strong and deeply tuned to her intuition, rocking and rolling, dancing wildly and so slow it seems still.  Diving to the under most psyche, residing on the bottom and leaving no rock unturned. Facing her darkest and inner egoic beliefs, living them out, experiencing them fully through human senses, screaming, shrieking, sobbing, heart missing beats, gasping, feeling the end, wanting to die and leave this world and these catastrophic emotions! The monkey mind that relentlessly convinces your feelings that the old wounded tale of you is alive and active.  Collapsing full with immense past trauma.  Lovers inept, having to coach them while your facing your deepest demons.  And the need, the desperate wanting for him to see you, get you, hold you through it, without judgement, with divine wisdom, resilient from your story.  But, no, it cannot be this way as he is playing the part perfectly.  He must be inept as this is how you will break your wounded hold on him, to free yourself once and for all.  Finding the divine masculine within, the need for him to stand strong for you must be found in yourself before it will genuinely be reflected back.  Unhook your tentacles from him and in doing this you begin your unrestrained walk into divine rapture!

Become aware if you are constantly projecting onto him and making it about what he’s doing or not doing.  Are you convinced if he changed his behaviours everything would be right?  If he would just do what I am telling him all would be great in our relationship.  Are you constantly asking yourself why he is choosing or doing that? Do you honestly believe he is the one that’s the problem? Are you confused by why he has done or not done certain things that have brought you immense pain? If you answered yes to any of these or agreed then you are projecting, blaming and distracting from your own wounded story.  Everytime you make it about him you are not owning why it is that you are with him when he is making these kinds of choices.  Why are you choosing him when you are suffering so much through being there?

Sisters, it’s time to take yourself, your needs, your beliefs, your thoughts off of him.  Get with yourself.  Begin to understand what has driven you to attract a man who isnt maybe emotionally available, who works all the time, uses drugs or alcohol or sex to soothe, cant speak and share about his own emotions let alone sit with yours.  You are 50% of that relationship.  You chose to be with him even after red flags came up.  You continued in the relationship even though you felt you weren’t being met.  You compromised yourself sexually at times throughout the connection. You could have left many times but didnt.  Why?  Because 50% of the wounds you experienced that you thought were his fault were actually yours and you were in denial of your part.

It’s time Sisters to live in your power.  Embody your wild abandoned feral feminine.  Take 100% accountability and responsibility of what you are doing in every moment. If you compromise that’s on you! If you dont listen to your inner wisdom not his fault.  If you choose to keep enabling your wound and his that’s your decision and your responsibility to change.

Let’s come back to our tribe of sisterhood where we hold each accountable for our creation.  Reflecting each others fears and wounds and holding for each of us to rise into our divine powerful state. We are all powerful, intuitive, empathic, feeling, emotional fierce women.  Strong in our truths, transparent, loving, nourishing and sensual.  Meeting him, meeting, two full humans celebrating our fullness and independence in a loving embrace of respect and honour, a joyous euphoric rapture of divine union.

You create your reality, if you are unhappy in your relationship that is your creation.  You can create anything you want, why create unhappiness?  Because we are addicted to suffering and unhappiness.  You can change this and it’s not by changing him, ITS BY CHANGING YOU

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Yes all Yes:) May all beings align the Devine feminine within 🙂


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