**** I HAVE FOUND LAND**** Land Stewardship Project


******I Have Found Land****** October 20, 2019 I moved my home to the land.



I am a Steward of the Land. I have my Permaculture Design Certification. My passion and work is to support land being restored to its natural ecological state. It’s not about what my ego human wants to do it’s whatever the land is calling for to be rejuvenated and restored. I’m simply just Nature’s hands and tools.

Do you have land that you want to restore back into a food medicinal Forest? Learn what the land is showing you not what you demand of it! And do you want this land stewarded after you have gone, protected from relatives selling it for profit, placed in a land conservancy or designated park forever, restoring the earth one land at a time. I am your Steward. I am not asking to own this land but to be the Steward of it. Even after you and I have gone part of Stewarding is to make sure the land is passed to the next Steward and with a Land Conservancy or Park designation there is no ownership involved.

I am seeking land that is calling me that requires support with its restoration, upkeep, rejuvenation and protection, its called Stewardship! My commitment is devoting to this work on this land. I will create a very small community of Stewards for this project. I know living in a community with a project of service to Gaia is the ultimate success in this world.

If you have such a property that requires restoration for the sake of harmony and a truly sustainable world and you agree to a contract to keep this land conserved, not for resale ever, then please message me as I am the Steward, Guardian and Protector you have been seeking for.


I commit my life purpose to the Stewarding of this land while I am here and will make sure it is passed to the next highly qualified Steward.

I have a 28ft 5th wheel fully renovated, self sufficient composting toilet, would require an outside plug, outside tap, wifi connection and laundry access once a week.

Please message me at landsteward@protonmail.ch This is an absolutely secured email server.

I look forward to meeting you.

Create medicinal forests, abundant bio-spheres, rich soils, organic foods, balanced eco systems and exert kindness and love wherever you go!!!

Create yourself a beautiful day


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