Old beliefs, New World!!!

What if our language, beliefs, thought patterns and speaking were the blockages of getting on the land, living in our dream community and thriving???  Are we still living from old patriarch and archaic beliefs of our ancestors?  I say yes we are and we have the power to change that.

I’m always in conversation with others about community, living on the land and thriving and why I’m, they’re and others aren’t doing that?  What I hear most in these conversations is that the land bylaws & laws,  local municipalities and provinces dont support a number of people getting on the land and creating a community lifestyle.  Well of course they don’t if we believe in the third dimensional matrix reality.  The reality that has these constricted by laws that  keep us separate and unified in laws that do not honour and inspire our Sovereignty.

Do you know about the Elite, 1%, the bilderbergs, the Illuminati?  The reality of this manifestation is world dominance and control by those that are in these organizations and their allies.  Here in this lies the matrix, the patriarch and hierarchy reality which it’s main goal is of slavery, duality and separation.   You won’t find those words describing community and thriving.

What if the power of creating a community that thrives everyday is within our own consciousness?  What if changing our beliefs, thought patterns, language and how we speak it is one of the fundamental tools to creating such a change?  What if all the power is within us to create the reality that we choose to live?  This is the truth. I have beeen and I am a living example of the power of thought, language and speaking it to manifest the reality that I choose. Well you ask, “why am I not living on the land in community and thriving in this?”. Great question and my answer is this, I have been discovering my own negative thought patterns and beliefs and learning to transform them into Higher realms of consciousness.  I live in an experiential reality where I must live and feel the experience of something in order to know it and to change it.  I have been living, feeling, speaking and doing my life and realizing my old patterns of limitation and slavery. And in that I’ve been integrating an understanding and a new language to create another way of living here.  I’ve had some pretty anchored limited beliefs, thought patterns and language confirming a lower form of life style in struggling, suffering and separation.  I’ve been making my way out of that reality and creating a more positive, uplifting and thriving life.  Facing some of my greatest fears around the legal system, the police, the government, big pharma and homelessness.  Transforming these ideas into higher resonances of frequencies that inspire my greatest self!!!  I live in a thriving community is my belief now and it is!!!

Another thing I have learned in this experiential reality is my spirit is multi-dimensional and in every reality and my body is the one having this experience of 5 senses and in that I’m taking the steps to live in my community and thrive. My body is catching up to the higher frequency of the THRIVING COMMUNITY!!!  There are steps in this that my human must take and do. This is where I am, along the pathway of my THRIVING COMMUNITY. Living each fear out, transforming the blockage and moving into being in my highest potential.

I have come into ways to transform these blockages that stop us from living the life that we want.  My higher self teaches, guides and supports me to live an aligned life of community and thriving.  I can help you find your own ways that will guide you to your best life lived.  The power is within me and you to create the world you want to live.  Stop believing anything that doesn’t inspire you into greatness!!!

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