This seems to be one of the biggest energies up right now.  Judgement, what is it exactly?  It’s when you come into contact with someone and they are doing, saying or not doing something and you have negative or lower energy and thoughts about them and what they’re doing or not doing.  For example, I am preparing some food a certain way, cutting it and getting it ready and a friend makes a comment, “why do you do it like that, it’s not very efficient or really right!”  And they say it in an angered, sarcastic, demeaning or overpowering way.  This is them judging the way I am doing the food preparing.  This is a very basic and simple example and the judgements are wide spread right now and are present in every aspect of our lives.

You may ask, “what’s wrong with telling someone their doing it wrong, being angry about someone not doing it right, being annoyed that they arent efficient in the way they are doing something and upset that someone may just be doing nothing and you are busy working away?”  Well it’s not wrong, it is an energy that is created and then put out into the world.  This energy is often a lower or negative energy that isn’t serving anyone’s Highest Potential or your own.  The egoic human has a way of wanting things to always be the same as how it wants it to be.  And if it’s not the same as how it thinks it should be then it gets angry and tries to demean, demoralize, disempower, minimize, embarrass and/or humiliate the person into doing it its way.  I ask you to check in if you are this person who does this, ask yourself why you have to have most people or even some people doing things the way you feel or think is the right way?  And if you answer, “because my way is the right way!”  Then you may judge alot of people and I am going to guess here, dont have too many really meaningful deep relationships.  Or you live an inner world of  conflict, stress, anxiety and feel edgy alot.  And you may even ask, “what’s wrong with feeling that way?”  Well, nothing is wrong, I would ask another question, “if you could choose to feel better wouldn’t you want to?”

My life is filled with accepting others and our differences.  I cannot change anyone, I can share my beliefs, thoughts and ideas in a loving and kind way without judging the other.  Witnessing how someone else does something and how different they do it becomes a gift and an extension of myself  (I am not speaking about someone bringing harm, abusing or violating another person here).   I used to be that person who judged mostly internally and sometimes outwardly.   I discovered it was a form of control.  I needed things to be the same as me in order to regulate my nervous system to feel safer in my environment or in control.  Being in control meant there would be nothing unexpected or different I would have to sort or fix to feel better, calmer or safer.  This meant I would feel better however at a cost.  Nobody wants to feel manipulated, demeaned, demoralized, humiliated or wronged!  People will simply move away from you, unfriend you, not answer your calls and go out of their way not to run into you.  I don’t know call me strange but I want people to feel good in my presence. I want people to feel excited about seeing me. I want people to feel happy and joyful in my presence.

So in summary, if you judge others, you are for sure judging yourself and I know it really doesnt inspire, lift or create happiness inside or out.  This world is to experience happiness, inspiration, joy and love as often as we can.  Watch yourself and your judgements, imagine what it might be like to accept what is happening, if you can do something to change it for the better, do it, otherwise pick your spots where you can create positive change!

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