Personal Value vs 3D Matrix Value

Are you still setting your personal value through an outdated 3 D system that is utterly separated, rules in duality, supports rich and poor, children going without food and water, third world infrastructure still in place and war still happening??   Where money is the only ruling value system, if you don`t have it you probably are poor in the eyes of the world.

What if the value you are setting for your hourly wage, services rendered, art created, inventions, products, etc are all based around this limited economy that is designed to keep the rich richer and the poor poor and the average person barely making it, living from paycheck to paycheck!!!  This type of economy is destined to fail because it isn`t sustainable.  It is built around consumerism, creating products that are built to be obsolete and stop working in a set amount of time and a reality that is setup around existing above the cost of living.  The plan of the elite having world domination through 1% of the population is a brilliant one at that.  And as long as we continue to support  paying for over-priced produce, non-sustainable products, pay for resources that are our god-given right, working each day in slavery feeling that we must work in order to survive then WE SUPPORT THE VERY ECONOMY THAT ENSLAVES US!!!

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