Pressures of Life

Are you feeling anxious, rushed, forced, time limited, no space for yourself and victim to life?  Are you experiencing you have too much to do and it has to be done, that if you don`t keep up with it all its going to fall apart?  Also do you feel like there is no one to help and you are having to do it alone with no support?  Well, good news, you are not alone in this!  It`s a collective piece playing out in the consciousness right now.  It`s a very old limited belief that is being purged from the psyche.  The only way to move through is feeling it, realizing that it is only a belief and it can be changed and then living from a new empowered place.  Ok, thats easy to say but how does one actually break free of what seems these shackles tied around both ankles?
What you are about to read is my theory and experience in this life, please do not believe a word I say.  I only ask that you open yourself to hear this and feel it for yourself.  See what you sense when you read it, do you feel triggered, irritated, upset, then there is probably some truth in this and it is hitting up against your ego.   Maybe you feel this peace and utter connection to it and you will formulate your own words and language around your truth in this.  And you may completely disagree and it not be any part of your truth, I thank you and honour this in you.  And I ask, how is your life working out for you, do you feel GREAT 95% of your time?  If you dont feel awesome most of the time then you might want to rethink what you are thinking and doing!
Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it?  And you didn`t stop until you made that happen? Well there it is, you have the technology already to shift “the pressures in life” in yourself.  These pressures have been with you for a long time and it probably feels like its your truth, well, it isn`t your truth at all only something you have played out and believed for far too long. Once you recognize the power has and is always within you then you are already on your way to change.  The next aspect is doing an inventory of your individual life and becoming aware of your habits and patterns that continue to anchor this limited belief.  Realizing everything that you do in every moment you have a choice to change that even when you feel others are depending on you, even when you feel that you have to do it because if you don`t it wont get done, even when there is a time crunch and even when you feel like your world will stop if you don`t do this, THESE REASONS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE in one form or another.  Your ego will always find a way to exist in this limited way.  That is its job, to keep you anxious, overworked, under paid, rushed, forced, no time or space for that aspect in you that is REAL!!!  Why would this “ego” in me want to hurt me like this, you ask?  That is one of the most asked questions I get in my work that I do.  And this is what I tell people, the ego was created for very good reasons, one, it was to determine bad from good, bad had to exist in order to know good.  It is the yin and yang of life, the duality that we came here to live out until it was time to go the other way.   Therefore the ego was created to experience the bad, I don`t believe in bad and good anymore, however the story is the same for us all.  Bad in my meaning is the place where we move farther from our real self, the self that is in harmony, peace, love and abundance.  The self that thrives in life, creates from a full place always and lives from its true integrity and balance. The self that really isn`t a self but a collective consciousness that aligns to its divinity and all others divinity because there is not others, only consciousness. Why would we want to move away from this place of peace?  It is the story of DUALITY.  We came here to know ourselves through a physical, 5 senses reality which creates a duality, a self and separation of consciousness.  Our souls are unlimited creators of all and the person, I, self is very limited.  You can see the duality right there, you have a self and a consciousness.  To make this simple to understand our Soul is everything and nothing, it has no shape and all shapes, it expands and contracts.  And the human, I, self sees through eyes that create separation immediately because it believes that it sees everything that it perceives outside of itself which immediately creates separation and duality.  In order for the Soul to know itself we came to this tactile, 5 senses, dualistic reality to go so far away from what is TRUE to come back to what IS, the SOUL.  Only then can we know this consciousness of the Soul when we have felt it in this way, the way of the human, self, I.
We already know the Soul, the part that is unlimited however what is this limited experience of the human-being?  It is to know the human felt senses, experiences and tactile existence where everything is lived through this human body and felt through its essence.  This is how we come to know GOD, the Creator that lives within and all around each one of us.  To know consciousness is to know God!  And to live out this duality, separation and limitation in form is to truly know the consciousness of God.  And to know this is to know who you are, truly!
Have you had enough of who you are NOT?  Have you pushed yourself so far away from your true divine that you cannot bare to live one more moment?  If you answered yes to either of these questions or even one, YOU ARE READY TO BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE IN THIS WORLD!!!  You have already begun your journey home to recognizing you are GOD, CREATOR, CONSCIOUSNESS.
BEGIN by working on changing how you are showing up in the world through itemizing your costs of life, what are you spending money on just to sustain your pressurized life? Cut these costs out while simultaneously cutting back on work time, time commitments outside work and start devoting yourself to doing what you love.  Get out in nature, spend time alone to listen to your inner voice who knows whats right for you, read that book you have wanted to for so long, take that art class that you were putting off till retirement, bring your camera back out and begin taking pictures again.  Place positive affirmations up around your home, in your wallet/purse, at work and in your car stating that you live the life of your dreams everyday, that you have an abundance of space to do all the things you love and you flow with ease and effortlessness.   And whatever it is that you want to claim in this life make sure you see it everyday and are stating it aloud or inside your mind!  You took your entire life to anchor this reality of living outside or away from your divine soul, give yourself some time to see the changes that WILL MOST DEFINITELY CHANGE for you if you follow just these simple guidelines.
The POWER is within YOU, it has always been there, you simply forgot and now you have been reminded.  If you find that you require support in this life change please contact The Dharmacy to work personally with Dana Lynn.  You can find the contact information on The Dharmacy contact page.  KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALL POWERFUL, CREATORS, LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS, EXPANSIVE, ABUNDANT and can create any reality you choose… YOUR CHOICE, what are you going to choose?


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