What is Christmas to this Goddess?  It used to be a big stress for me. And each year dropping a Christmas task from my list until a day I would awake with absolutely no tasks!!!  One year I awoke Christmas morning with no gifts, no tree, no Christmas cards had been sent out and no rushing around fighting the traffic in the malls.  I was living in a friend’s home that was fully furnished and I woke Christmas morning by myself got dressed and walked to a nearby Forest where I collected some branches that had fallen in the wind the night before. Arriving home I erected the branches all tied in together to build my own tree. I wondered what I would decorate it with?  I went to a cupboard and opened it and there were some of the landlord’s Christmas decor.  I slowly took my time to pick each decoration I wanted to place on my newly created Christmas tree.  I savoured it like I do a winter soup on a cold day.  It was delicious the entire experience; so peaceful, abundant, rich and full.   Xmas was becoming a “how do I want to show up day?” and “how would I like to do Xmas on my terms?” kinda event!  This was feeling more aligned than ever before.  I was now coming into December with joy and excitement as to how I would do Xmas this year?  Every year has been different for over a decade now.  I do it however I feel to do it.  What creates happiness and excitement are my inspiration themes and not what is expected from the masses with pressure to keep up and perform in this unrealistic, unsustainable consumerism nightmare!!!  Xmas brings such a beautiful peaceful closing to an always very full year.  I wind down readying myself to gear up for another exciting time with new projects and adventures to come.  I have found a way to do Xmas on my terms, it is enjoyable, spent with family and friends and now my new grandson.  He will bring me to new levels of joy in this time, we will find new ways together to do Xmas on our terms.  I will show Wilder how to engage with the spirit of Xmas within him.  This journey is my newest christmas gift, right up there with my daughters birth!!!

Xmas for me isnt a time of giving presents and receiving however that can be a part of it but is a time I find my unique way I want to do it staying open to the ever changing river within me that awakes anew in all moments.  Ready to bring forth my newest creation of Xmas!!!

Find your unique way to do Xmas, if it’s a tradition you want to create or doing it differently every year, whatever your fancy, just do you through this time of year and create your own unique memories!

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