Because I’m different than you does that mean that you won’t like me? Does it mean because I think differently than you that I am wrong or you are wrong?  How do we manage and get along in the world of differences? Being different from one another has caused wars.

Firstly, we realize that differences are not cause for War but they are just a unique expansion of each other.  Because you think or feel this way means that you have that covered and I don’t have to.  It’s simply just more of me, just over there inside your sacred temple.

The old way of being with differences is to immediately hate the other person, disagree to the point where a fight breaks out, an incessant needing that you must agree with me and going into a convincing story that I am right, if you disagree I then feel unsafe and want to move farther away from you and in the worst case scenario which has manifested all over our planet, war breaks out!  We try to overpower the other in efforts to convince that our way is the right way.  Why have we come to this place, cultivating and developing as a social virus that plagues each and every one of us when confronted with differences?  Could it be that we have all participated in a global experiment of separation and duality to lead us back to Unity, a Oneness called God or Christ Consciousness?  And why would we want to get farther apart to only get closer together?

What if as pure consciousness which did not have form couldn’t fully experience itself without this human body with restrictions?  As a human we were developed with five senses that could correspond, mediate and interact in a living experiential life.   And with a body that has limitations and conditions with how it could relate on this planet, survive here and thrive the fact that we have to breathe, drink healthy clean water  to stay hydrated and eat nourishing food in order to remain alive tells of our story to make it here.  In just this setting we have severe demands already restricting our capacity to be free. However this is also how we integrate through feeling, emotion, lived experience, the 5 senses.  It is a way of truly having an experience through an integration of senses. And through this process of feeling and experiencing a learned mastery of union happens.  We are able to memorize the alliance in our DNA spirit body to incarnate forever.  And in so being in this lived experience our mastery of union inspires our synthesis of who we are, God, Creator, Christ Consciousness.

So what if all this immense cultural, personal and  religious differences were in fact the perfect recipe for our higher evolution and breakthrough into Christ, God consciousness, Creator?

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