Update on…….. The Dharmacy & Living Tiny but Large

First I want to update you on “Living Tiny but Large” living full time in a 28 ft Okanagan 5th Wheel trailer On Vancouver Island.

I have been living on the land, 31 acres on the lake since Oct 27, 2019.  It was a very rough start up, absolute mud pit, still very muddy here, no hook ups, dug up trenches everywhere, no internet, no toilet operating, no hot water, could only run a heater with the power I had and arrived here ready for what would arise.  I am not going to lie, it certainly has challenged me to new levels of skill, courage, independence and trust!!!  And here I am beginning of February and I am seeking for a new place to move to.  It’s certainly not what I want to have happen however while I was in a 2 week cleanse the message was clear that a move was imminent.  Things of great value to me that I must have if I am going to live this way are not here on this land in this community and therefore I must align to these otherwise I am living inauthentically which isnt possible for me!  So as soon as I can move my trailer which I suspect will be around May when the land dries up here i will be ready to move.

My ideal spot is to live on land with the Land Stewardship and Guardianship Project.  It is land that calls me to tend to it, to rebuild its soils, microbiome, eco-system, to guard it from harm of greed and create harmony with all life that is shared there.  This land will never be developed, subdivided for profit, poisoned by fertilizers, pesticides or toxins or made into pastures for farming!  This land is sacred, a sanctuary, nature in the raw and will be home for up to 8 to 10 Stewards and Guardians all living in tiny homes so as not to dig up the land unnecessarily.

I have come to realize so many things which I will write about in greater length but one of the most important is living in community and how that needs to look for me.  I do not want to live with someone else’s vision and also I don’t want to live on someone else’s land where they call all the shots.  What I am seeking is land that I am totally aligned and in tune with on all levels.  This land calls and embodies co-creation, true community, Indigenous Land Management, Stewardship, Guardianship and NO OWNERSHIP!!!   There is a trust that I will only support nature to thrive at it’s best.  That everything that I do is for co-creation aligned to nature thriving first and then the community within this.  The I ego is parked while the generations habitating within nature all blossom.  We live as the indigenous have done living in cohesive alignment attuned to nature thriving which creates our community flourishing.   I may have to live on one more piece of land before I reach this Land and I am open to the journey of this Land Stewardship and Guardianship Project unfolding.

As for The Dharmacy, which is who I am, I have been asked to be the chef for a retreat series coming to the Island for Spring and Fall which I have accepted.  I have begun the work already finished my first week of prepping for the first retreat starting in mid March.  I love what I am doing and where I am in all this it’s perfectly aligned to my passion of ‘food as thy medicine.’  I havent made any new crochet projects since coming home from the 2 week intensive cleanse, LIFE CHANGING!

WELL that’s all for now will share more as time permits!

Live your life fully expressed, dont hold back!!!

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