Poor, Rich, Average. Which one are you?

Poor, Rich, Average?
Which one are you?

First I want to explain how I experience this life thru dimensions.  I have come to understand life through dimensional realities.  In this article I will discuss 3d, which is third dimension, 4d fourth dimension and 5d fifth dimension realities as I understand them.

The third dimension is what we have been living in for a very long time.  “A point of perception rather than an actual place to travel”  Those that are residing from the 3d, 4d, 5d consciousness are living in the same reality however its how they perceive it that is completely different.  It is very possible to experience multiple dimensions at one time coming from 3rd into 4th and into 5th.  Our beliefs and how we are showing up is a reflection of which dimension we are rooted in.  We may have friends, family and acquitenances that are living in third, fourth and fifth dimension consciousness.  You may be in fifth dimension consciousness and you will know for sure that you are  because you will not see yourself as better than others.    Each person is experiencing their perfect ascension journey.  Trying to sway someone who is in 3d to 5th will not work because they see this as idealistic until they are there themselves.  Lao Tzu writes, “the key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”  Third dimension is the physical realm.  Alejandro Jodorowski writes, “birds born in cages think flying is a sickness.”  This is where the title of this blog begins to make sense, third dimension is all about being here in a reality that seems finite, that you are a single human being and everything outside of yourself is separate.  You are justified in judging others around their ethnic culture, colour, gender, age and finances.  I felt these examples absolutely nail this dimension to the tee, taken from the internet…

~I am a person, the thinker of these thoughts, and these thoughts are my thoughts. ~

~I seek happiness outside of myself.  Things like money, material possessions, relationships and physical attributes seem to be the key to my fulfillment.~

~I must compete with others in order to ‘make it’ so I can get my share of abundance.~

~Life is characterized by polar opposites.  There are good decisions and bad decisions, good thoughts and bad thoughts, good people and bad people, for example.~

~The labels I have for myself define who I am as a person.  Words like parent, wife, son, my job title, home-owner, etc, are how I identify myself in comparison to others.~

Fourth Dimension is the pathway along into fifth dimension and your awareness and consciousness begins to awaken.  As one starts to become alert to another way and  different beliefs, you may even become angry towards people around you that made you believe this absurd reality and you begin to lose your drive that inspired you in the third dimension.  Judgment and comparison still exist in the way that you see yourself as awake while judging those that are still sleeping however with a more spiritual tone.  You want to gain more knowledge and understanding more than your 3d pursuits.  The ego becomes your enemy and you need to get rid of it.

Fifth dimension, once arriving it is very difficult to go back to 3d.  Here we understand that we are all one and on an adventure of growth.  As we embody this more and more love becomes our usual state, accepting all people, events, experiences, perceived tragedies and natural disasters as a much deeper message of transformation.  We become attuned to being connected to everything and nothing is separate.  Everything becomes a continuum and extension of our inner connectedness to all.  Judgment dissapears and becomes a deep acceptance that we are all on our own unique journey.  You find yourself seeing everyone as equal.  A deep knowing that you are here to seek and live in joy and purpose.  From this state you become elevated in love, knowing that there is always enough and competition and survival drops from your existence.  An overwhelming love emits through you for Mother Earth and the Galaxies.  Every soul has its own definitive path and choice of dimension that it lives from with its own reasons for this, it is important to live in this acceptance and knowing that know one is less or better.  We are all on our unique journeys for own lessons, experiences and we do not know why this soul whom you may think is less or not doing the work is where they are.  We cannot know what their unique soul path is and why they have come here but to engage with them from a state of where we are in our dimension reality path.  Becoming attuned to the perfection of all states of consciousness as an intricate experience coinciding with each other in a perfect rhythmic dance.

Which now brings me to the title and purpose of this blog  “Poor, Rich, Average”  “Which one are you?”  How you perceive this question will actually tell you where you are in your dimension path.  In 3d reality one will guage their reputation, judge themselves as to their importance in society with how much money they have or don’t have to how they actually value themselves with respect to “Poor, Rich, Average” titles.  If you are recognizing that these titles may not actually be what is true for you and are in the transition of this it is a good indication that you are probably in 4d.  And if you understand the ideas of Poor Rich Average and do not equate value of yourself in any way in this you are most likely resonating in 5d.

I am transitioning here in this place from 4d to 5d with respect to these titles.  I have brought myself to a life where I am transitioning out of a need for money for value, for existing, for living an abundant life to resonating abundance through a belief that I am always taken care of with whatever I need to reside here on this miraculous Mother Earth, Gaia.  I am living in a 28ft 5th wheel where I have brought my expenses in the 3d reality to a minimum.  I attract high vibing food through manifestation technologies, have created a sanctuary to live in, I live off of very little actual money because this is my journey to ascension and understanding the path from 3d to 5d reality.  Through this I have attracted a beautiful position with a retreat that supports understanding the deeper aspects of the ego and raising consciousness through this work.  I experience alot of joy and love throughout my life now.  And I do face aspects of my reality that is transitioning from 4d to 5d.  I will continue my path of learning, experiencing life so that I can feel what it is like to feel what isn’t me so that I can know what is me.  And even in this way there is always space for that to change as well.  All the best on your dimensional journeying!!!

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