The Embodiment of the Aging Woman

As I move through my 648th full moon cycle (coming into 54 years old in the western time cycle) I experience myself in a new way.  Transforming from the youthful, young, moist, shiny, supple and dewy woman I have been all my days to the Wise, Crone, Elder Woman.  Also coming through 3D to 4D to 5D consciousness transforming the old paradigm of value in being a young, attractive, sexy and available woman for the masculine reality to living through my physical aging process and working through the illusion of the loss of this power in beauty, youth and what I perceived as being desirable and wanted by men.  I am in this process raw, looking around to see which of us are creating beauty through this journey of grey hairs, shifting hormones, changing bodies, wrinkles and creases in the skin, cysts, lumps, drying skin, and who still has a light emitting through them even through this illusion of loss and the less desireable reality!  I believe we cannot fully live and love without the honouring and deep acceptance of growing old!

I am discovering the wisdom that has always been within however now without my youthful illusion I hear and see this wisdom more and more.  The voice is strong, clear, precise and accurate.  It does not mince words, beat around the bush, hold back or worry about losing anyone to speak its truth.  The wisdom is universal like a library which everyone can access except no need for a membership or card only humility, being humbled beyond the illusion of desirability, being wanted, attractive and beautiful, it is the true essence of Love.  The simplicity of this form in full acceptance of it without even knowing or understanding a concept of weight, shape, facial, breast and waist size, hair colour or length just that this is who I am in this form for now and it is perfect period!  The looking outside myself judging what I dont see in myself or think I am not young and youthful and desired anymore becoming a distant memory, a lie, an illusion created through a 3D reality of loss, scarcity, survival of the fittest and an inability to know I am perfect just as I am.  All of it being shed, anew emerging: vibrant, alive, seasoned, aging and wise.  Wrinkles, creases, lumps, plumping and some stiffness all of it I love, I accept, I embody my aging woman as without these miraculous signs I would not have shed my skin to find my true essence of the beauty of growing old!!!♡♡♡♡

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