Corona Virus What are you really?

I say this today not to provoke any disrespect or dishonour to anyone but to look at my own nervous system and describe what happens to me when I get exposed to the collective corona virus issue, as well as the sars, measles etc outbreaks that have happened and are going on now!!!

I go through life for the most part charged with lots of energy, happy, excited and inspired. I feel joyful, grateful and at peace. However when I come into contact with someone sharing about the corona virus which I do not even think of by myself when I am alone, I immediately feel my immune system compromised, I feel like I am being imposed upon by something that isnt of my creation and who I am, my nervous system begins to feel weakened, I begin to feel anxiety and panic!!! I feel this immense energy of powerlessness.

I cannot quote research or science when addressing these matters however what I can be 100% sure of is how I feel when I come into the field of these issues. I believe that my words, how I think, and how I act has the profound ability to spread like a virus amongst us. I have learned to trust this body and technology of mine 100% over and above anything else outside of myself.

I believe that there are tactics that are used globally to create worldwide fear, panic, terror, insecurities, feelings of not being safe and feelings of not being safe with each other which creates a worldwide epidemic of terror. And if we have terror running us then we cannot be empowered enlightened love beings which is exactly what the elite want us to be in. This is how we stay as the sheeple, afraid to go anywhere, terrified to engage with each other for fear of being infected by another, talk about the epitome in separation.

I am not here to deny the corona virus, sars, measles, aids, 5G, etc and I am here to express how these affect my nervous system when I come into contact with those that are choosing to make a big deal out of it, talk about it alot, letting it take up space in their consciousness and needing to spread their fear to others through conversations and public warnings. I am working all of these viruses, dis-eases, bacteria & fungal infections within me. What I find comes up for me whenever these issues hit mainstream and go public is this absolute terror that I feel in my nervous system and an immense unsafety in this world. When I dive deeper into this I find the old story of powerlessness. This place where I feel powerless to something outside of myself that’s going to take me out, kill me!!! It began sneaking in last night and now is running rampid in me this morning as I sit in my quiet processing this powerlessness. And isn’t that what any of these diseases are is something that we can’t even see that attacks me and takes me out and creates such powerlessness, sickness and essentially I feel like I cannot do anything about it except to separate and divide from each other making each other the very thing that I can be infected by.

And if I go even deeper it is the fear of death that sits there holding me hostage. And if I go even deeper into the fear of death it is the immense attachment to this life and the perceived loss of it and all my attachments to my daughter, my grandson and my people.  Death has been programmed into my subconscious as a very bad and negative event.  What if it’s cause for celebration? What if it is one of the most magnificent journeys of my life?  And what if it has been made to be this thing that we fear in order for us to be controlled and enslaved?  Watch for my blog on Death.

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