Change is among us

This sharing is a continued version from the prior blog called “I am sorry!”

I have written my public apology to own my part in this world for what has happened. Now I must move into action. As promised in my previous blog “I am sorry” I said I would share some ideas around what I have done to create change in the way that I live here. I feel MASSIVE CHANGE is in order, and in that these are the areas I feel we as a collective society living and sharing existence on Earth must stop doing and adapt these new ways to live here.

FIRST, re-evaluate your life, where are you being greedy, needy, over consuming, taking too much, doing something way to often, eating and drinking out way too much, driving a big gas guzzler, driving around like there is an endless supply of gasoline just for you without considering there are 7.8 billion of us, using take out containers and dumping them in the garbage, buying new stuff all the time or too often, smoking cigarettes and leaving your butts everywhere, throwing beer can plastic in the waters and in nature, buying too much stuff on line, buying toxic chemicals for your body and your home, do you mostly buy at the big stores or do you go to the farmers markets and farm stands more often than the other?

SECOND, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly seeds began to sell out at local stores. I had for the most part my seeds already so it didn’t affect me and I knew that there would be many others that would have an over abundance of seeds and starters to trade or swap on some level. Have you tried to grow some food of your own, if not, TRY!!! Even if its in some pots if that is all you have room for. There are also many yards and properties that have extra space that I am sure with some effort you could share space and grow food together. Also there are community gardens that you can rent a space to grow your own food with a bunch of others in a collective space.

THIRD, drive less, PLEASE!!! Make your trips meaningful, car share, ride your bike or get an electric bike to offset your footprint. Don’t just go out cause you have a craving for one thing, make it count, run your errands together so you go out less and lessen your imprint.

FOURTH, EAT LOCAL, cut down on the greenhouse gas emissions and limited resources of fuel. Go to the Saturday or Sunday Market, pick up your veggies for the week. Buy less at the big stores this will cut down on the big trucks hauling food back and forth and the massive impact on our environment.

FIFTH, create community within your small community. Start a sharing program for your street even, maybe branch out a bit farther and create it for your neighbourhood. Share your tools, movies, food, supplies, information and time to help or support someone in need. Start up a borrowing program so that each of you can borrow stuff from each other. MOST of US have an over abundance of stuff and we usually can share with others. GET out of the mindset that your stuff is going to get ruined or destroyed as that just cultivates greed and an every man for himself mentality.

SIXTH, STOP BUYING TOXIC supplies, products and food!!! 99.9% of all household cleaners are toxic. Most of the body products and make-up are toxic. Stop poisoning yourself, your children, family, friends and relatives. Become educated through sites such as and others. If the product has a skull and cross bones on it, ITS TOXIC, you are not immune to it nor is anyone else, including your very young children. I have used magnetic laundry balls for almost 9 years. Stopped buying laundry detergent 9 years ago. I don’t buy paper products for the kitchen. I use cloths for my pee wipes in the bathroom. I only use toilet paper when I absolutely have to. I went 7 years without buying any toilet paper. I haven’t bought paper towel in almost 10 years. I make most of all my own medicines, my own skin products, lotions, body butters, facial sprays, tinctures etc. I grow some of my foods and buy from the local farm I live on. I also wild forage as well as nature is so abundant in her offerings, but please forage sustainably.

SEVEN, FIX IT!!! Try to fix something first before you just throw it away. Find someone to help you fix it if you can’t. REUSE, REDUCE and lastly RECYCLE. Please try the first two, reuse and reduce first and if you have to buy please make sure you buy stuff that can be recycled.

USE OUR SOCIAL MEDIA to look for items, products, electronics and to SELL your stuff on social media. There are excellent local sites to use, Market Place on FB, usedcowichanvalley, kijjii, classifieds, different group pages on social media.

HERE IS A GLOBAL RULE… if you are always feeling overwhelmed, whether you wake up that way, you end up that way, you can never really accomplish much because you are surrounded by WAY TOO MUCH STUFF then YOU REALLY HAVE TO GET ON IT and step into OVER GEAR and get your SHIT HANDLED!!! Hire people if you have to, devote time to just clearing your spaces, DONT PUT IT OFF ANY LONGER, you are not doing yourself, your family, your friends or anyone for that matter any good with continuously showing up like that. IF YOU ARE OVERWHELMED you CLEARLY HAVE WAY TO MUCH STUFF AND YOU NEED TO FIX IT, NOW!!!

I have learned about what I have termed as “ones inner circle” which is just that my inner circle. Ok but what does that actually mean? Well it means a lot and covers a vast area. What is my inner circle? My home first which is my body, my family, my actual home I live in, my car and my schedule and it dominoes out from here. These are the first key important areas of my inner circle. If your body is sick, over weight, slouching, sore, dry skin, rashes etc then you are not handling your inner circle. Next is your bedroom tidy? Do you wake refreshed and ready to create the day? Or do you go to bed dreading all the clothes on the floor and everything in disarray? Leaving that room to go into the kitchen, dishes piled high, counters stock piled, loose papers everywhere and just an overall clutter and mess? Next out to your car to hop in a garbage can? This is not handling your inner circle. I can guarantee if even one of these aspects of your life is disorganized you are not going to manage your life well and probably aren’t. STOP procrastinating and putting it off, WE CAN NO LONGER DO THIS, WE ARE IN A CRITICAL TIME FOR CHANGE RIGHT NOW!!! Stop collecting stuff, downsize so that you are in flow with your life and not feeling overwhelmed most of the time. YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF AND OTHERS A MIS-SERVICE!!!

I hope that this blog has inspired you to take a moral inventory of your life AND BE HONEST! And I also hope it has inspired TRUE CHANGE in your life.

Thanks for all that you are doing!!!

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