Composting Humanure

Composting Humanure

I have been composting my humanure and kitchen scraps here on the land. It feels so right and aligned. All of the waste remains contained within the very simple system I built from material here on the land.

This one is the 2nd one that will be filled by the start of fall. I will use my potatoe beds I built for the next compost systems.

I have my first compost that will be ready by March of 2021 to spread on my gardens. I did this one in a garbage can as I didnt have the other one set up yet. My 2nd one will be ready by next fall of 2021 to put on the gardens. This is perfect for it sitting over next winter to be ready for 2022 spring and summer gardens!

I use an inexpensive mulch my friend who has a truck and I go and pick up a 1/2 yard at a time. For winter I will get probably a couple yards delivered. I also use wood chips that I get for free from the local tree cutters. And I use a triple woodshavings blend and straw. I also put kitchen scraps and yard scraps in the compost as well.

Inside for my compost toilet I start off with 2 shovels of mulch and mix a handful of triple wood shavings in the bucket. Then I have a separate bucket that has mulch and triple wood shavings blended in that I use to cover my waste as I deposit it. When the 5 gallon bucket is about 2/3 full I take it to the outdoor compost to empty (as per the video). It usually takes about 3 days to fill the 5 gallon bucket to 2/3’s full. Probably through winter I will run 2 buckets so I dont have to go out as often.

There is never an odour from the outdoor compost only when you uncover it to dump. As soon as you get organic matter on top of it it immediately stops the smell. The inside toilet system has very minimal smell as long as I cover my deposits.

I did this system about 6 years ago for 2 years and it worked so well. By the time I was done I had this soil/compost that I called black gold! It was amazing!!!

I love this waste management as it is a closed loop system. I dont use any water to flush, only organic material and I can take care of all my waste and re-use it on my gardens!!!

I love composting!!!

Happy composting!!!

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