Dying to Live “Letter to Tribe”

Below is my “Letter to Tribe.”  It is the first part of the Donations program I created with the help of 2 of my sisters.  I decided to not go with a GoFundMe if I was going to create it.  It had to be more personal than that.  I needed to be able to dialogue with each person I sent it to and write to them personally with respect to this quest I am beginning.  The 2nd part of the Donations package is the “Dying to Live” poster which I will post up next.  Blessings,




December 1, 2020


Dearest Family & Tribe…


I write to you today after my return from the hospital 3 months ago.  Life completely turned upside down, from living on the land in my trailer, wild foraging, growing my food, composting everything and living wildly in communion with nature everyday to hardly being able to prepare my own food, unable to wash myself, couldn’t shop for myself and could hardly stand and move around.  Twelve different doctors imposed their way and beliefs upon me while in the hospital telling me, “you have stage 4 breast cancer with only 3 months to live, its inoperable and we insist you start chemo and radiation immediately!”  “We cannot cure this but we can possibly give you more time.”  And now my oncologist has told me chemo and radiation would not work for me.  


It has been the hardest times of my life, I felt defeated and there seemed no where that was aligned to my beliefs and way of life!  I pushed on everyday even with no will to live, somehow I awoke every morning!  Defeated, feeling nothing, all of my life plans of living on the land into my golden years wiped away, vanished yet here I was, alive! exhausted beyond and still in the world.  Each day my family and friends were there showing their faces, checking in on me, calling and texting and one friend moved in with me for a short time.  Miracle after miracle transpired around me, lifting me up, my strength regaining after a strict regime with my diet, supplements and herbs.  Now after almost 3 months, able to stand, walk around and cook for myself and I am off to holistic cutting edge treatments for breast cancer.


My will to live restored and intact I see the road ahead clearly.  It is a year committment to this strict regime and treatments twice weekly.  This has a cost and it is beyond my capacity of funds that I have.  I am calling out to all those who know me for support on this road to thriving within this diagnosis.  


My goal is to remove the tumour and cancer in my lymph nodes all the while thriving and living to the fullest of my capacity.  I am asking all of you for support with a donation towards my costs of these supplements/herbs regime and holistic treatments over the next year.  I am also asking if you feel inclined to pass the  attached message I’ve written on to those you feel would also want to help with donating to this journey.  My costs will be approximately $3000/month with extra costs of added supplementations/herbs, homeopathics and other treatments as time goes on.  This is certainly not an easy ask for me as most of you know my journey with money. 


Funny how life is and how it calls for all beliefs to be transformed into love.  This is a call and an act to love for me now.  I realize my life is precious, valuable and I am needed by my family and tribe and as long as possible is my greatest action to love.  Thank you family and tribe for helping me in my restoration in my will to live, now a will to love and my action to live!!!


Deep love, respect and the utmost of love for all of you!!!  Here we go on the next part of the journey!!!


In love with life,

Dana Lynn


PS  I have created a new page on my website www.thedharmacy.com scroll down in the menu button till you reach “Dying to Live” here you will find my personal journey through this diagnosis, my will to live transcribed on the pages to come and how that has unfolded into my greatest and most epic adventure in life yet!!!  


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