Thriving to Live “My Diet”

My health is a whole system including my physical symptoms, as well as my thoughts & beliefs, emotions, past trauma, how I process and view myself, the environment and the world & population.  Also a healthy diet  is my fuel and medicine.  The people I am around matter alot.  If I feel drained, anxious or upset everytime I am with them then this will have an affect on my immunity and strength.  Self care and love is vital to keeping my nervous system balanced and my body and emotions strong.  What I watch and read also has great importance with my well being.  How I talk and what I think is directly attuned to my body and how healthy I will be.  Positive thought and talk means a healthy body.  Drinking water throughout the day keeps my body hydrated and everything moving as it should.  Listening to peaceful, uplifting and positive music and talks creates for a nicely balanced system.

I have learned over the years that everything I do and not do matters with how I am going to feel.  More attuned now to my body than I ever have been I have become meticulous with my diet, and diet is not limited to my food and drink it includes everything I have mentioned above.


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