Thriving to Live “My Home Treatments”

The protocol I am doing is not just the treatments I am getting at the Natural path Clinic. If you want to read about those treatments please go here,

The treatments and protocol at home are equally as valuable and important. The main agenda is to keep my nervous system calm. I do this through meditation everyday, getting on my vibra-fit a few times or more a week, I use my exercise ball for rocking myself, its a self soothing technique, juicing as often as I can, I have a whole regime of supplements I have to stay on top of, micro-dosing mushrooms, drumming, chanting, I use my rattle alot and use my essential oils everyday. I love preparing healthy medicinal food all made from scratch. I also rub my brocco ointment on my breast everyday. I am mastering a comprehensive process for emotional clearing. I also give myself coffee enemas and will begin soon back on the colema board. I use and cultivate my sexual energy to purify and rejuvenate energy in my body directed at all different aspects. I get on my mat for stretching and strengthening. Staying in a peaceful frame of mind is super important.

All of this is part of my regime and requires deep commitment, focus and action. I am also in a pretty severe detox and require alot of sleep and rest. It is important to surrender to this and rest.

If you have any questions or want clarity on anything please go to my contact page and connect.

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