Thriving to Live “Health Care System”

As I travel through this diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer everything arises to the surface. A topic that is demanding my voice is the Healthcare system and Alternative Holistic options. Today as I talked with “S” my Social Worker I spoke of how bleak and dark the Healthcare system is when diagnosed with a what is perceived as a fatal illness. My doctor is a very kind, attentive, patient and compassionate human being and his educational studies have convinced him that I will die from this dis-ease (disease in the western medical system). His job is to walk me into death keeping me as comfortable as possible through it. It is very difficult every time we talk because I can feel his imposing belief that I will die and our conversations are always about only this direction. I told “S” that if I didn’t have a belief in something more and all I had was the medical system and their offerings I probably would have taken my life. I don’t say that easily as I have always been a positive person. However, with all the “you are going to die” conversations from everyone in the medical system and “how unpleasant it’s going to be” for me there is no other support in any other area. This is too much for any consciousness to bare even if death is inevitable. I believe that the entire system needs another whole other structure that offers other trains of thought, beliefs, spiritual paths, other holistic treatments, protocols and processes.

As I dive deeper into my process, I have found all kinds of hope through near death experiences (nde) and holistic therapy from shamanic, energy, and deep dive journeying work. I have read about so many people curing and becoming cancer free from all kinds of protocols, therapies, holistic diets and juicing, tapping into an unloving belief system and shifting into a self-loving empowered and on track with one’s purpose courses. To only stay within a limited Healthcare system is essentially robbing people of having hope and faith in a body that could potentially heal itself or if indeed it is time to die then at least offering other modalities to process the grief, the loss of this body, family, friends and every attachment to this life. As well as offering other spiritual support in easing the transformation from life to death.

Some of the resources that I have been accessing are listed below.

Books I have read and am about to read:

Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, PhD

The Journey by Brandon Bays

Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani

Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson

Come of Age Case of Elderhood by Stephen Jenkinson

Websites and People I follow

On you tube Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

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