Thriving to Live “First Supplement Protocol”

I just want to share with all those who are interested in my supplement protocol specific to this diagnosis.

This is my first protocol of supplements:

Any of the websites listed below I have there for information purposes only. I have listed where I purchase all these supplements locally below the name.

BroccoGen10 SOURCE: Lifestyles Select Sidney BC

Liposomal C1000 SOURCE:

Lifestyle Select Sidney, BC


Lifestyles Select Sidney, BC

Vitamin C8 New Roots SOURCE:

It is my upperstanding that this Vit C will work with the Liposomal C1000 to make that more potent.

Lifestyle Select, Sidney, BC

Liquid Vitamin D3 AOR & NOW SOURCE:


Lifestyle Select, Sidney, BC

Lugols Iodine Solution SOURCE:

Lifestyle Select Sidney, BC

Host Defense Mushrooms Turkey Tail SOURCE:

Quidditas, Vancouver, BC

BroccoFusion Ointment Newco SOURCE:

Quidditas, Vancouver, BC

Applying directly over the whole area of the tumor on the breast.

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