To be Canada or Kanata

Today and each day before and after the Indigeneous children started to be discovered it has been bringing up total horror, terror, sorrow and absolute helpless hopelessness. I stand before you all today on what is usually Canada day feeling like I am a woman with no country or nation. Whatever my past teachings, lessons and history I lived through is all a BIG FAT LIE!!! 100 years being called Canada, does that make it right and accurate? I have seen Kanata being placed in to replace Canada but I don’t know enough about that but I did want to mention it here.

As I started studying Sovereignty about 6 or 7 years ago it became clearer to me that Canada was a Corporation, I even found Canada the Corporation on a stock exchange. As I opened up pandoras box people found me whom had appalling stories to tell me of residential schools, pedophilia rings in the upper echelon, child sexual slaves that were raised for just that and why wars were going on in the world among so many other horrifying truths! I went to some private meetings where we weren’t to bring our phone with us where stories were being told about Indigeneous children being ripped out of their homes, the parents being threatened with jail time if they stopped these monsters from taking there children. I met a man who was a priest here on the island, he discovered the residential schools, the horrors and torture that went on and decided to call the church out in it. Very quickly they ruined his life, turned his wife and children against him, paid for the wife to divorce him and threw him out of the church never to be able to practice as a priest again. He runs an underground activist organization and continues to bring the truth to people and calling for others to rise and stop supporting our government and corporate Canada’s businesses.

I was brainwashed to believe that logging companies were good and doing sustainable practices when infact the Government had sold out all of our land into leases to these logging companies that were clear cutting them. They were and are ruining our water sheds, taking down the last of our ancient forests and then claiming they tree plant to make sure we will always have forests. Utter BULLSHIT, the tree planting is only the logging companies continuing to plant so they can keep farming their leased lands for PROFIT!!! THESE ARE MERELY THEIR FARMING PRACTICES!

The Government and the Corporations knew that if they could destroy the Indigeneous family unit they could sweep in and take over the land so they could profit from it! So they STOLE THE LAND from these Stewards by ripping their family unit apart, putting children in religious camps that tortured, abused and raped them JUST SO THEY COULD PROFIT. THIS IS HOW CANADA WAS BORN!!! How can I call this Canada now knowing what I do? How do I call myself a citizen of Canada? I feel like my country is and was built on such an enormous genocide, the greatest deceit and lies told to me through the brainwashing of our school system. The Elite/Government wanted slaves, they put us white folks into brainwashing schools that were made to look like a privledge to be a part of. I feel so stupid, lied to, deceived and brainwashed. All of what I had known that made me who I am GONE!!! Now shallow graves being found that is turning everything we know as Canadians upside down. My whole world as I knew it IS ONE BIG BULLSHIT STORY!!!

As soon as I heard about the Memorial on what has been Canada Day FOR A 100 years I knew I had to go. This was June 30 that I heard about it I had a treatment in the city and my dear friend was with me when I got word of it. Right away my friend and I knew we had to go to this! The grief that began rising up in me was so enormous, I cried and cried my friend put her hand on my arm as I wept. I attended the memorial yesterday and was so glad that I did this. It was many things, AMAZING, emotional, intense, beautiful and it felt like we were all there to stand in the healing process with each other.

None of us really know what to do, how to heal this but I do know one thing we must listen now to the grief, the sorrow, the pain, the rage, the stories and hold this together in love. Let us all cry and grieve together because we are all here together. It is destined that we all do this together.

I am so sorry for my stupidity, lack of knowing, my just believing what was being presented to me without seeking deeper and I apologize for any and all dis-honoring or disrespect towards my Indigeneous brothers and sister I am so so sorry, please forgive me and I love you!

I am with you as my very roots, ceremony and culture was ripped from me, my family never really a family, self destruction right from the early stages of my life and ran away at 14 years old. I have been raped, beaten, abused and battered beyond what a human should have to bare, I know what it is to walk on lands that feel foreign. To exist in a world that feels like I landed on a planet where I never have known my place. Scrambled from job to job, never feeling safe, anxiety and panic a part of my everyday life and existence. I have always felt lost and that I never belonged here but continued anyways. I decided that LOVE was the cure for everything and have built my life around this!

Today July 2, 2021 I stand here no longer willing to be stupid, ignorant, blinded and quiet. I will speak my truths and share as I see fit. I will govern myself and at the end of the day it is myself and God I will answer to. I do not have any answers to fix this massive genocide and deception however I am awake now, willing to be with it all, stand together in unity and love, surrendering my ego as much as I am able and here to learn, to remember the ancient ways of being here from my Indigenous teachers!!! Thank you for your INCREDIBLE STRENGTH, TENACITY, DEVOTION AND LOVE OF THIS EARTH! I AM DEEPLY BLESSED TO BE HERE WITH YOU NOW!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!

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