Aging… I cannot escape it!

Aging… I cannot escape it! However I can welcome it with an open heart and mind. Tend to my ever changing body, new and old pain, how I saw myself and how I can see myself now through hormonal eyes. It takes alotta love to make this transition from my worth of youthful vitality to a crone, wise elder woman.

Constant reminders within my body… a lack of abilities and flexibility where I needed not to do anything to keep the elasticity of my skin and muscles prior to this path of aging.

Love is all I can muster these days as everything washes away changes and becomes more challenging! Love is the medicine I take everyday and soon Aging will become a comrad, friendship and acceptance of what is, peace of mind and heart will reside deep within. I work at this daily in between my hot flashes… oh what a wondrous world we live!!!

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