Dying… Not what I think!


This has been a very big process for me over the last year.  I have died so many times and I am sure I have many more deaths while in this body of Dana Lynn  

This last year’s journey has taken me deeper than I have ever gone in this lifetime.  People have come and gone in the last year, deaths of relationships that needed to shift and change, we all needed it and it happened!  I remain in my heart, processing the end of something, continuously it seems.  And then at the end of that process I continue to find this place that advises me… there is no end, this is only a human ego experience of life and death… death being a feared state… and the path along to dying feared also. 

And the voice continues with a peacefulness that holds me in what seems could be an eternal loving embrace, saying, death isn’t what I have been programmed to know and believe.  Even the path of dying has been filled with WRONG messages.  Dying doesn’t exist in the way I have been fooled to know.  There is no death as I know it AND THIS IS THE GREATEST TRICKERY OF ALL!!!  I HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED TO BE IN FEAR of dying and then at that moment when my life stops!  Well this is all BULLSHIT!  I never STOP, I am never NOT HERE, I HAVE HEARD THE VOICE SAY EVEN that my body is still here and so are all my bodies and lives still here!  And what is this ‘here’ anyways?  A perceived destiny in this moment built by the mind of humans who cannot even fathom what is outside the human small linear mind.  I can, I do and I will continue to pierce the dungeon of the human mind.  Expanding and remembering my brilliance, that I am SOUL, I am ENERGY A GOD/CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS!!!❤

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