What is absolute for me is the expert

I am writing about what I believe and that is the most trustworthy person I will follow through this. How did I become an expert some of you may ask? I am an expert when it comes to me and my Sovereignty. There is no one: no governments, no doctors, no scientists, no researchers, no pharmacists, no corporations, and no experts that will be in charge of what is absolutely right and accurate for me. I have learned over the years that at the end of the day when I am all alone, in the quiet, about to go to sleep that there is only Me, God/Creator. I am God/Creator. And that my unique journey and vessel of Dana Lynn is only up to me to move around and care for myself as I see fit. In other words what will support a peaceful, quiet in the mind, and relaxed in the body rest? If I have gone against what I feel is RIGHT FOR ME I am going to be in alot of Anxiety and will not get a proper rest which is essential to being vibrant and healthy in life. How do I know what is right? It is a lifetime of living through everything that my vessel has shown and taught me. This technology of feeling and then knowing what is ABSOLUTE for me is the EXPERT. NO ONE has this training and time invested in knowing the unique technology that runs this vessel of Dana Lynn except me and the same goes for you!

I feel we as God/Creators have forgotten and lost our way in knowing that I AM THE EXPERT for my journey in this existence. I believe that as more and more of us remember our innate wisdom and knowing that we will remember our Genius. And as more of us come back into embodying God/Creator we will stop abandoning ourself and then others and making others outside of ourself experts or blaming them. The only thing I need to know is that my expert experienced Genius knows what it needs to do and not do, end of discussion. I hear and listen to many other geniuses and in the end it is my innate wisdom and technology that decides what is right for me!

I will be posting Notices of Liability, Declaration of Truth and Statement of Claim and my Affidavit that states legally my position in this whole Masks, Vaccines, Boosters and proposed orders that are trying to impose and coerce mandates upon my Human Rights and Sovereignty. For the record mandates are not law and if coercion and fear imposing is present when bringing a proposed order to the human you can bet that there is an underlying issue that is trying to sneek in under the radar. BE AWARE and do your research and know your own technology of right and wrong within you.

If getting a vaccine, booster, and wearing a mask is your absolute truth then I honor your truth and I demand you honor my truth as well. I am sure you can find research and science to support your choice and if you are going to try to bully, coerce or impose upon me, DONT!!! If you want to have a mature and respectful conversation to do with these mandates come fully prepared with accurate science, research and laws to make your case. I have all my information that supports my decision. If you are vaccinated and wearing a mask you have nothing to concern yourself with because the narrative for these mandates state if you do this you are protected, are you really? Or was this a sideline story to provoke something else, why are the protocols not working, just curious how you might see this? Again only respectful interactions received otherwise I will just delete your message.

I will be posting my package for Sovereignty with all the documents mentioned above within the month of February, closer to the end of it, so keep your eyes out for this.

Blessings and Love to us all

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