Women and Sleep

Hi, I am 55 years young and in a changing body. I am sure I am talking to the choir on this one. No matter who you are, great health, poor, medium whatever, you are not escaping menopause and/or hormone shifts!

Gosh I had no idea, coming through a life of addictions and ignorance of my body and hormones and how they absolutely affect my life, my body, the way I view myself, literally and my rhythms.

Just over 20 years ago I got sober, quit drugs and alcohol and began on my path of self deepening, inquiry and love. Discovered many things about myself and then became aware to my body. Realizing I was probably experiencing hormone shifts earlier but was always high or drunk so wouldn’t notice or be attuned to my body in this. As I cleared and cleaned my body, mind and heart attending to my soul path I became more aware to my symptoms. Mood, cramps, bloating and lethargy in my mind. As I hit 50, hot flashes, mood swings, body disorders, and the oh so vital medicine of sleep and that began to shift. I have always slept like a rock! But now fear of nighttime, edginess, irritations, inability to fall asleep fast and stay sleeping all were visiting me. For the past 15 years up till 50 I had been on a vegan, healthy diet, meditation, fermentation was a big part of my life, spiritual practice, holistic treatments, growing my own medicines and food, juicing and smoothies, supplement protocols and art. So living what I feel is a pretty balanced lifestyle and even I was having difficulty with changing hormones. I am sure the black infested mold apartment didn’t help, I know now it was brutal to my health and I am sure supported the breast cancer tumor coming into my life. Anyway getting back to the sleep part, this definitely needed more attention than just what I had been doing. What did I do to amp up the game to support better sleeping?

It has taken years to fine tune my sleeping ritual but I believe I have got a pretty good regime now.

a) What I do in a day matters how my sleep will be. Get exercise and tire myself out. Do my yoga practice. Be creative, art, write, etc. Eat well, drink water and medicinal teas etc. Watch my mind, try to stay positive. Rest if I need to but not too much otherwise I don’t sleep at night. Take extra supplements for anxiety if I feel this in the day, keeping this down helps me rest at night. Be kind, helpful and positive. Honor myself in each day, if I am quiet stay quiet, if I am social, feed that. By the time bedtime comes feel like I had my day as I needed it no matter progressive or restful and quiet. Feeling fulfilled is important for sleeping well.

b) At sleep time make sure I have at least an hour in darkness in the quiet or listening to a soothing meditation for sleep or resting music.

c) I take CBD with THC in it right before I am going to sleep Also 400 MG of Can Prev Magnesium Bis-glycinate.

d) Therapeutic Essential Oils help. I use lavender on my pillows and pj’s. Bottom of feet I put lavender and copaiba. I ALSO put eucalyptus and a roll on from Doterra called breathe easy on my chest.

e) Blackout Curtains are the BOMB!!! I have a beautiful blue set from Walmart.

f) Also make sure there is no fake light from TV’s, computers, cable boxes, night lights etc blaring into the space it will affect your circadian rhythm and endorphins, melatonin creation and uptake.

g) Make sure you have a crack in your window for some fresh air.

h) Certain plants help create extra oxygen in the air which is better for sleep. Snake plants, Lavender, look it up and find which ones work for you. My bedroom is too dark in the day for plants unfortunately.

h) Make sure your room is a sacred restful temple. It needs to be tidy and organized. Decorate it so when you enter it is relaxing and soothing. You don’t want decor that livens you up.

i) I have also had a essential oil diffuser in my room and put it on about 30 minutes before I go to bed, lavender, copaiba and holy basil, chamomile.

j) Make a hot tea with lavender, chamomile, holy basil and other herbs that promote sleep.

I hope some of this helps or inspires you to find your sleep regime practice.

Peaceful, restful, relaxing sleep beautiful souls!

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