ELDERSHIP, My Simple Life’s Path SERIES ‘Introduction’ What is going on?

Please continue to follow along here for the whole Eldership Series

What a very broad question. What is going on? ON with what?

Life, Evolution, Elders, the Planet, People, the Economy, Love, Sexual Energy, Sacred Ritual and Ceremony, Tribe and Community, Forests and Trees, Animals and Reptiles, Insects and Mammals, Weather, Our Food, our Water, the mandates, the 2022 Truckers Freedom Convoy, our Freedoms and Rights, yeah there is alot going on!

There are so many narratives running right now and it is truly feeling like insanity if I go to far into others psyche that aren’t kind, loving, integral and aligned. I keep to myself these days, exposing very little to those who dont align to my heart.

As an Elder I have been wondering about what is most important for me to share with others. As I have sat with this very important task of Eldership I have come to this.

I have been on this beautiful and vibrant Earth for 55 years and blessed to be here. I have traveled alot inside myself probably equivalent to 8 ’round the world’ trips. The grounds I have traversed: the rough terrain, dense jungles and forests, massive oceans I have swam, hot dry deserts and long highways and goat trails. I have always managed to be home. Sometimes arriving from my travels to no home, physically at all. Picking up my pieces and beginning anew.

I share this as the beginning to a series of blogs and vlogs I want to share through my website and up on my YouTube channel. I will be calling it Eldership, My Simple Life’s Path! This might shift into something else and that is a part of my journey, ever evolving and changing.

Nothing really stays the same, this is nature. She is consistent, reliable and beautiful in so many unique ways. Yet if you visit her forest on another day, she could be very different from the last time you were there; more branches and debris down, possibly a tree fallen, a creek diverted in another direction, river overflowing and leaf mulch covering the area that was clear 2 weeks prior. Do you become angry because she has changed so much, maybe even unrecognizable? There is this vast acceptance of her chaos, an admiration of her messy beauty and somehow I find peace even though she has changed drastically. She may be colder than last time, wetter, foggy even. So much change from the last time I visited her. Somehow peace fills me, I feel more grounded than before I came to visit her, my lungs clearer and my overall well being, well I am better! These are the signs of a great and wondrous friendship.

I tell this story to help embody a feeling deep inside you to understand that people are nature, they could have more debris down, possibly fallen apart, diverted from their original idea and path, are ever changing, messy, unrecognizable at times and overflowing in emotion. They may be cold and foggy, unclear and frazzled. Can I be loving and accepting of them even in these messy winter days?

This is my practice, my inward breath, I breathe in with loving acceptance and my out breathe is what I am judging and holding contempt and unable to forgive. Sometimes I get that mixed up and and breathe in judgement, contempt and an inability to forgive. I get choked up and can’t breathe properly when this happens. Anxiety builds in my body and I become a volcanoe of wildfire molt and lava. Spewing outward, usually I am able to put myself away from harming others. It is still an incredibly debilitating time when I lose myself in this way. And this is my nature, ever changing, unrecognizeable, foggy, diverted paths and overflowing with emotion. Can I also accept the beautiful chaos of my own nature, in short, yes I can and sometimes I fall into the raging river, am taken down stream, pulled under water, gasping for breath, cold, wet, shivering and find myself in a new unrecognizable place that I must begin anew.

This is what is most important to me these days. Traversing the messy chaos of life, remembering and recognizing the beauty in the change as frightening as change can be and embodying peace in this as I would when I experience nature in all her ways.

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