Old paradigm, New paradigm!!!

What is this old paradigm, new paradigm mumbo jumbo language? Well this is what it is to me, Old paradigm is what I also refer to as the 3D Reality and new paradigm is 5D Reality. What is 3D reality? What is 5D Reality? I believe the links in these 2 questions explains this very well.

In the old paradigm you are working usually a 9 to 5 job or business. Your inspiration will be driven through lack and scarcity of not having enough. Mostly living from a place of worrying about whether or not you will have enough money to survive, pay bills, food, expenses etc. In the old paradigm working alone, at a job you hate or love (you just can’t make it work), possibly feeling overwhelmed most of the time, never having enough time to do what you want, feeling pressured and not supported are all parts of this. You may be operating from something that you feel is your passion however if you are in it alone, never really feeling supported, always too much to do and worrying about how you will cover your living and business expenses you are operating through a 3D reality. Don’t get me wrong you are on your way if you are creating a business through a passion. Its that you just have to work your way through these old beliefs and thoughts around not having enough, lack and scarcity.

In the new paradigm you are creating through your passion. Notice I said “creating through your passion” versus “working a 9 to 5 job or business.” Big difference here as creating is a vibration or energy that is in full alignment to your innate wisdom. There is no hours of operation, you are in a free flowing creation of expression which aligns to your source of energy. We are in synchronicity with others as they are aligned to their innate wisdom. As we all attune to this frequency our lives become fun, enjoyable, inspiring and we cannot wait to awaken into the day to live our passion.

We are in a huge TRANSFORMATION PROCESS where the old paradigm is no longer working and hasn’t actually ever worked. However we had to find ourselves through knowing what is NOT ALIGNED to us so that we may live in our highest and most potent way. We are all realizing that barely making it each month, struggling to meet the monthly expenses and debt we have, feeling overwhelmed, afraid and uneasy around money, and feeling alone and unsupported in what we are doing DOESN’T work and NEVER DID! We are also remembering who we really are which is beings who are deeply connected to the earth, animals, rivers/lakes/streams, growing our own food, and living with what we actually need to survive here is what we need to get back to.

Fast food, instant gratification, on the go all the time, driving around wasting fuel to just do a single pick up of something, buying stuff with plastic packaging often, living away from nature are all part of a dying paradigm that is on its way out. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE AN EASY PROCESS!!! We have all gotten used to and even addicted to these aspects of our life. But we are being called to question every single bit of it. No longer can we rely on our addictions that are not aligned to a balanced and harmonized life. WE are in a MASSIVE RE-CORRECTION PROCESS. Being forced to let go of old behaviours whether we are feeling ready or not. Understanding and remembering that we are all ONE, never alone or without. WE have become dependant on outside stuff and people and are now being shown that we are GOD/CREATOR. This process is happening and its not going to happen overnite. Be patient with yourself and others. Keep fine tuning your life as you listen to your inner knowing. You might be afraid and not understand how you will make it in this world BUT TRUST your gut feeling because you are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT IN THE 3D reality. It is inevitable that we will all FAIL in this reality because it is not in ALIGNMENT to who we really are. WE will prevail and rise into our GREATEST EXPRESSION OF WHO WE REALLY ARE, trust yourself. This is all part of remembering who you really are. YOU KNOW BEST for yourself. WE have forgotten this and become highly dependant on others to guide us. Again this is part of a 3D reality that doesn’t work. Trusting and listening and then being who you are guided to be is who you really are.

Working with each other as a community is part of the 5D reality. Becoming attuned and alert to what you need first and foremost and then through this you become aligned to others. As you listen deeply to your wisdom each moment of each day and integrate what you are being instructed to do you will make your way into a 5D reality. One day you will wake up and the old you will be gone and you will be living happily ever after. This is going to take time so keep on the path of God/Creator. Remembering who you really are and holding yourself accountable to that each day.

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