My LAWS of my Reality

It seems the world has gotten so far away from what really matters to me. I dream of being reborn into a life where I know the value of this Earth. And I have remembered all of the Stuff that brings me to my true meaning of Living. Where water comes from a spring deep in the earth, cleansed and purified through its mineral rich layers. Clothing and bags come from natural fibers that Gaia provides. Toilet paper is not necessary, my bodily function is working at maximum capacity. Shelter is built by the natural resources of the earth. There are no plastics nor toxic chemicals as nature has remained my Master teacher. TV does not exist, living lives with each other is enough entertainment, I do not need to escape from life. Transportation is unnecessary as travel happens with organic means.

My reality is to remember and awaken into…

I am a child of God and this Earth is my home.

I drink from the fresh waters of Gaia.

Remembering the laws of nature and live by them.

My food grows through her soils.

When carrying something it is made from what I already have.

Treasuring everything that comes in to my possession; reusing, sharing and upcycling.

If I do not have it, nor can I borrow it, I do not need it.

My teacher is the Earth and I learn through all her seasons.

Exchange, sharing, contributionism and bartering is my monetary system. What I have and create in abundance is my monetary exchange.

I am living my Passion and sharing it with those that align to it.

When I see that I can help someone, I do.

Gratitude is my mantra each and every day.

When old trauma comes to the surface to visit me I recognize it, acknowledge it, speak it out loud so it is now in the light and I find the part in me that was hurt and love her into the light.

I praise people and compliment them, never do I use my hurt to harm another.

Self responsibility; accountability of my feelings, emotions and thoughts and how they affect me and others, Living by the laws of love and compassion.

I care and love all humans as I do my brothers and sisters and tribe.

All lives matter and deserve honor, respect, dignity and love.

I live in a community where we value all of the above and live by these laws.

Blessings and Love to All

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