It’s a REVOLUTION, Ladies!

We are in a revolution, ladies and WE ARE THE REVOLUTION! I am finding my radical truth within and sharing every bit of it when I am called upon. No more second guessing myself; my needs, my beliefs, my spiritual laws, personal protocols and treatments, the way I need to live, how to express myself, etc. We are all in this together, this is lifetimes of compromise, selling our bodies and hearts out to survive here, denying our true calling because it isn’t supported in the masses, continued rejection of our own sensual and sexual autonomy, in constant service to everyone but YOU, and impossible requirements of beauty and vitality otherwise we become osolete, demands .

NO MORE, ‘the gift’ really brought this home for me and continues to knock down the unworthy, less than, and unloveable filter I had on everything. This subservient and lack of true knowing of my power kept me enslaved to a life that was FAR LESS THAN THRIVING!!!!! It kept me continuing to deny my own sexual autonomy. Constantly in a state of keeping his desires and needs above and beyond what I could even imagine about my own sensual being. WHAT SENSUAL BEING? He always set the pace for this kind of interaction and when I tried to initiate he slapped me down saying I was to pushy and forceful which made him uncomfortable and I obeyed. Now when I think of this I feel ENRAGED. I understand better now why I went wildly crazy sexually because it was my reaction to the pedophile energy put on me in younger years, all the grown up males who projected their sick unhealed intimacy trauma all over me, and rapes and beatings that drove me into an overdrive of erotic distortion. Over sexually active, burning up men for years, however they still had a power but I manipulated, teased, and abused myself just to try to regain some traction of the immense LOSS of my sexual autonomy. Infact, not even knowing I had my own sensuality, with a unique rhthym and pace, personal desires and needs of how I would want to be touched and engaged with. My God I could actual inspire and start sexual intimacy, share with him what to do to me, be honest and speak aloud telling him to stop that and do this, or NO I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THAT NOW, THANK YOU! I could stand firmly planted in my heart and be respected and loved even if I said NO? This is not a light weight journey coming back through the witch hunts/burnings and female sexual slavery. AND WE ARE RISING, LADIES, WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!

THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME FREE AS A WOMAN is CLAIM your POWER BACK. Start today by going inward, make your life more focused on WHO ARE YOU? Take the time out of your busy grind, make it an appointment with yourself every week, something everyday, every other week, once a month…. book these moments in your calendar and DONT MISS THESE ESSENTIAL APPOINTMENTS.

Take a good hard look at your deepest beliefs and ideas around your power you constantly give away to him. I can’t survive without him, how will I get my needs met, I won’t be able to financially make it, my survival depends on him, who will help me, how will I get the support I need, and my all time favourite one; my value of being a woman is dependant on him looking my way, desiring me and giving me attention, therefore I have to give him sex, all my attention and love, AND every gift I have I must bestow upon him. UTTERLY EXHAUSTING!!!

Ladies we are in an unprecedented time of FREEING OURSELVES. Truly we must unshackle ourselves from these beliefs, begin the journey inward to find our true love, discovering our real self, and what kind of incredible strength, fortitude and focus we really have. As we correct our path so will the men. But as long as we continue in subservient, enslaved minds and hearts so will the men remain the same. And so will we NEVER BECOME THE POTENT WOMEN WE REALLY WERE BORN TO BE.

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