Today is my Birth Day, so what?

Today is my birth day… I ask myself, so what?

What does this mean to me?


Every day brings new reasons to be grateful for being here. The winter is coming, those heated mornings gone, cool and crisp days, wet ground with rains visiting now, I AM THANKFUL TO WITNESS THIS ALL.

And then as I am writing I get to receive this…. from my daughter….

“Happiest of birthdays to you my mama ❤️ Your strength, courage, determination, kindness and unconditional love you give out inspires me. I’m grateful everyday that wilder and I have you.

We love you.”

The bounty of being alive here is staggering to receive and so AMAZING and wonderful to be a part of. There are many ups and downs and all of it is a gift to have. The simplicity of breath even, WOW! The beating of my heart, the movement of my blood, the workings of all my organs moment to moment. I am in a new found gratitude to be able to move my body again, to walk, to bend down, to have energy to do stuff, just simple day to day tasks. I have found profoundly powerful reasons to live, to stay here, which fills me up everyday. I could not have known life and truly living without death knocking everyday. So that in itself is an enormous gift and one of the many reasons this was always called ‘the gift.’

To do as much growth, support, sharing, speaking my truth, standing my ground, loving and art as I can fit into this life is my purpose. Because I know that everything I do in this life will come into my next, that is an enormous inspiration for me. I have found my true spirit to live and die, these are gifts I cannot just give or buy… these are a life lived so hard with death as a new found friend calling everyday that TO LIVE became an energy so enormously beautiful that it fills me up most days even in the shit times.

So what? Well, this is what!

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