Greatest Challenges at the front and back door

Are you feeling exhausted, having dark minded thoughts, deep sorrow and grief emotions, anger, frustration and rage, impatience, fear, anxiety, and an overall uneasiness under your skin? Are you hearing or thinking, “what is going to go wrong? And/or, Oh my God I have done something wrong? Just waiting for others to be jerks and they are, they don’t disappoint! The world seems like an apocalyptic environment even though it’s not fully in form, but it feels like everything is exaggerated and over amplified? Sound like anything or all of what you are experiencing and others around you?

My upperstanding of it all is we are in one of the most INTENSE ASCENSIONS AND EVOLUTIONARY processes we have been in as a human race. Finally the darkness has been uncovered and is fully exposed for those of us who want to see it, look right at it and have known of it’s existence for a very long time. And even for those that don’t see it they are all experiencing a great deal of tension, anger and rage and don’t understand why. The very societal existence we have lived is based in utter corruption, deceit, and cohersion/trickery. WOW, sounds pretty bleak and dark? It can feel so overwhelming alot of the time and one might be able to support oneself if there wasn’t life still expecting rent to be paid, groceries bought, and bills still coming in, all adding greater pressure to an already highly pressurized world. Life has reached a peak performance for alot of us and we are all in need of a permanent vacation. Space to just rest, wake up when we are fully ready, immense self care everyday, all throughout the day when needed, time to prepare good healthy meals daily, go out into nature and earth, find your inner artist and live your passion daily. We have reached that moment when the pressure has finally reached the smallest spot like a volcano erupting through its small opening finally now spewing hot burning lava everywhere. This is the world right now, has been for quite some time and won’t be letting up for some time to come.

So what does one do in these times? Just a disclaimer here, I am not a master in this, only an empathic modern day witch, alchemist and medicine woman who hears the whispering call of ascension, evolution and drastic change. I am sharing what I do in these times to take shelter from the onslaught where we are hit with disruptions in our transporting chain of food and supplies. Now having to deal with a world that has changed so drastically from the mayhem shopping frenzy of our modern day lives where we had access to everything all the time. Now to there isn’t always food and supplies that we want individually all the time, whenever we desire. I knew this life had to end as this is an unsustainable model that only creates dependency, addiction and need which turns into divide and conquer. People fighting amongst each other for stuff, food and services. Also creating division amongst family, breaking the fundamental foundation of society as a whole. This all is a master plan for slavery and domination of the weak. We are the weak because we have become addicted and dependent on our way of life which involves our food, stuff, supplies and services. I won’t go to far down this rabbit hole, this will be another blog maybe.

What to do? Simplify. Take an inventory. Find your tribe/family and stay together. Change your life drastically.

Simplify, wtf does this mean? Live with less, ditch out your spaces, clear out anything that you are not using often. Kitchen, livingroom, bathroom/s, closets, and bedrooms all need to be ditched out. Let go of stuff that’s been sitting in a corner, back of your closet, front of your closet, lying on the floor, under the bed, in your drawers, cupboards, JUST DO IT AND GET IT DONE, MAKE IT A PRIORITY. And then gift things away or take it to people who need or to the thrift store. DO NOT THROW YOUR STUFF IN THE GARBAGE IF IT HAS MORE LIFE LEFT OR ANOTHER PURPOSE. Simplify your routines, going out for coffee, drinks, lunches, dinners, excessive spending in areas needs to stop or change dramatically. Make a trip out for many things, the days of greedy consumerism are over, need a snack and you run out just for that, STOP THAT. MAKE YOUR TRIPS OUT AN OUTING for many pickups. Simplify your friends/family/tribe, keep those that lift you up, understand you, are there for you in your darkest moments, light up your world, and laugh and cry with you. Anyone who has made you feel bad, unworthy, unhappy and/or you feel drained in their company, LET THEM GO! WE NEED TRUE TRIBE AND FAMILY THAT HAS YOUR BACK NOW MORE THAN EVER! Just because they are blood doesn’t mean anything and certainly doesn’t mean you have a life sentence and pennants with these people. Move on and allow your true tribe/family to be in your life. If you keep people in your life that constantly take from you then you don’t have space for the true tribe and family to love and support you. That’s on you! MAKE THE CHOICE AND WATCH HOW YOUR REAL FAMILY AND TRIBE COME INTO YOUR WORLD.

Take an inventory, wtf does this mean? Figure out what is your top 5 priorities, such as: I want to do what I love on a daily basis. I want to live on land so I can grow food, compost, set up systems for sustainable living. I want to do my art daily. I want to live my life more aligned to my unique rhthym. I want to have all my time to myself to decide exactly what I want and need daily. Figure out where you are putting out energy that doesn’t have a balanced return. Where are you spending money where you don’t need to anymore? Where can you lesson your load financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually? How can you become more balanced, refreshed, aligned and thrive? Do a personal inventory on everything in your life that draws precious life force from you that isn’t being deposited back into your personal bank of energy. From here you will be making big decisions and choosing differently.

Find your tribe/family and stay together. After you have done your people inventory and removed ones that no longer serve you, your true tribe will be left standing or will start to come in. Devote your time to preserving, caring, loving and attending to these people as they will fill you up way beyond what you have experienced. Maybe part of your tribe will come together to purchase land so everyone will have everything they need to share in day to day tasks, etc. Or maybe living close by and simply showing up in each other’s lives on a regular basis is the way it will unfold. Either way you will be rich beyond what you were when you had family that only took or left you empty emotionally. Stay close to your tribe and make sure you give what you get…and don’t be stingy on your giving with this tribe as the more you give you will receive riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Change your life drastically, by now change will have occurred. And change will be in process from all the tasks prior to this one. Only YOU can make the changes, only YOU can make different choices and stand strong in this, DO NOT GO BACK. THIS HAS TAKEN AND WILL TAKE TREMENDOUS COURAGE, DETERMINATION, COMMITTMENT AND STAMINA. I know if you are reading this YOU ARE ALL OF THESE. You will not be alone if you have done these steps above because true tribe/family will see you making these changes and will reach in and ask how they may serve you. They will let you know you are not alone by reaching in, inviting you to join them for something you love too, stopping over to check on you, and asking if they can help. This will take work and effort on your part but it will all be worth it. I can guarantee this 100%.

We will never have what we had prior to 2020, THANK GOD FOR THAT!!! Who wants darkness to be hidden? Greedy consumerism reaching to a virus state. Overcomsumption making people blind to nature. Wars, civil outbreaks, people turning on each other, murders, rapes, pedophilia, toxins and poisons, starvation, restrictions of water and massive destruction in our eco system. I say THANK GOD we have finally reached this level of transparency in our reality and now our POWERFUL CONSCIOUSNESS has awakened and WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, WE ARE THE CHANGE. BE THE CHANGE!

You are loved. You are seen. You are acknowledged. You are not alone. You are wise. You are intelligent. You are supported. You are brave and courageous. I see you and honour how incredible you are.

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