Ignoring Signs, NOT FOR LONG!

Has something been bothering you, picking at you, coming up around every corner, weighing on you and/or getting in the way of progress? Yeah I get it. We are in a changed time, way different than two years ago even. We could repeat old patterns that were not getting us anywhere AND slug that out for a long time, NOT ANYMORE! QUICK CHANGE IS HERE and if you try to stay in your old sluggish ways you are going to be dragged along kicking and screaming. I don’t know about you but kicking and screaming doesn’t work for me. When something creeps up I can no longer take my time with it until it’s a festuring and infected wound. I have to address it immediately and if I do try to slip back into the old way I get dragged until I can stand up again on my own. And personally I can do without the dragging.

That thorn or thorns aren’t going to disappear they are only going to get worse. It is a time of stepping in and dealing with what’s here. I get it the old tendancy to shut it out, distract, ignore it ARE OVER. AND IT IS A GOOD THING.

We are not going to transcend or evolve as long as we are sitting on the fence. That was then. Now we are being called into the new way but old way of facing what is here right now. No more excuses like I am working or I am too busy right now, or I am too tired, THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT than dealing with what has arisen. And if you don’t YOU WILL FEEL THE WRATH of your decision to avoid. You think working or being too tired is a legitimate excuse and I get it. AND the work you are doing or how you are doing it is probably the very thing you are suppose to look at and change and is most likely why you are too tired.

We are being called to a NEW/OLD ANCIENT WAY of living. Aligning to our TRUE PURPOSE and Living It! No excuses! If you have excuses you will feel the correction and re-balance of your delay. This is not about making you wrong, it is about realizing the time we are in and what is being called of us!

IGNORING SIGNS, NOT FOR LONG. I have been learning about the Sovereign way of being and living and this is a true calling to our greatest self. Anything outside of this is being called to heal and transcend because NOTHING is going to STOP YOU from being your GREATEST SELF.

I know it can be terrifying and down right uncomfortable to make big or even small changes BUT THESE SIGNS are not going to go away, THESE WILL ONLY GET STRONGER. SO FACE THEM TODAY, RIGHT NOW. Find the people who can support you along the way. AND BE THE CHANGE YOU HAVE BEEN IMAGINING.


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